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Episode 507

Michael & Jaja SYSTEMATIZED Their Cleaning Company: Episode 507: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 507 – Michael & Jaja SYSTEMATIZED Their Cleaning Company

Today we talk with Michael and JaJa Hays – two Clean Profit Elite graduates and current members of the Millionaire Mastermind!

How Jaja started cleaning:

Jaja came to the US from the Czech Republic and started cleaning houses in Philadelphia. When she arrived to the US, she didn’t speak any English at all and learned it day to day as she worked hard. Eventually she had the opportunity to buy her cleaning clients off of her employer who was selling the business, so she went for it. Before she met Michael, it took her about 10 years to be able to make about $4k a month. At that point she was able to hire friends immigrating into the US to help her with the cleaning part time. Jaja’s big advice to others from this experience can be summed up as: clean well and work hard; don’t be scared to get the help you need; and invest in yourself and your education!

Michael enters the picture!

Before meeting Jaja, Michael had owned multiple companies such as car dealerships and condo developments. When the housing market crashed, Michael’s life took a huge turn and he had to look for something new to do. Michael and Jaja met through mutual friends. He was intrigued with her cleaning business and went to a few houses with her to observe how she ran her business. He wanted to know how she was successful and wanted to see her operations in action. At this point, Michael suggested that Jaja teach other people to clean. They organized Jaja’s cleaning process and company grew rapidly. Suddenly they had 10 employees. It took them about a year after they met to get business really going.

Even “power couples” don’t have it all figured out.

These two are a classic “power couple” – Jaja is good at the technical aspects of cleaning and flow of operations while Michael is good at business strategy and scaling. Where they struggled is when Michael was trying EVERYTHING to get the business to grow even more (via Yelp, Groupon, etc) but nothing seemed to be working. The good news is that Michael had the good business sense to do SOMETHING – he was trying out a system. Even a bad system that rates at 3, on a scale from 1 to 10, is better than NO execution on a good system that rates at a 10.

Working with Mike and GMCC:

Michael was able to keep the company busy but they were constantly scrambling. When they came to GMCC, Mike immediately realized that they were coachable and just needed the proper systems to run a cleaning company. Mike notes that Michael and Jaja are the type of people that would succeed with or without a coach. Mike as a coach helps them get even farther but FASTER. If you’re waiting for a coach to do a magical thing, you’ll get nowhere! Michael notes that he and Jaja were super hungry to make something happen. They decided that the cleaning company was a great vehicle to make money in their lives. Growing the WRONG way as they did in the beginning became a big stress in their life and IT ATE them. Michael notes that scaling and growing with the RIGHT systems takes out all that unnecessary stress.

How things are going now:

Right now, Michael and Jaja are learning to niche more. They’re also learning how to fire clients. They’re happy about this because it actually opens up the opportunity for them to be able to serve the RIGHT clients that produce more of the RIGHT results that they’re looking for, based on their goals.

Unpacking it for the audience from Mike:

When you’re not committed to results, one excuse is just as good as another. When Michael got diagnosed with epilepsy, for example, he didn’t stop pushing in his business, even though it was tempting at some points. This is a huge difference between successful and unsuccessful people. Unsuccessful people give up when they have an excuse that can be even less than what Michael went through with his diagnosis.

Summing it up:

Jaja believes that her biggest takeaway has been to systematize the business. She says that if you’re still cleaning and want to stop, don’t let your clients pull you back in! If the client is not a good fit anymore, don’t be scared to let them go – you WILL find new clients!

Michael feels that they’ve really come full circle. The opportunity to serve people is a real gift in his opinion. When you don’t have systems, it limits your ability to serve. Systems are there to help you flourish and serve the people that match your values and what you’re doing!

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