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Episode 874

Messaging Matching-What it is and Why it Matters: Episode 874


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Episode 874 – Messaging Matching-What it is and Why it Matters: Episode 874

Today on the podcast, we have Callum, one of our newest members of the Grow My Cleaning Company team. He came to us all the way from the United Kingdom and was at the retreat with the rest of us this past week so he and Lindsay got together to record this podcast for you. He talks about message matching and the importance of this principle that he sees people getting wrong often. It is something that doesn’t take a lot of time or expertise but makes a huge difference in the marketing, and branding of your company.

What is Message Matching

Imagine that you go to a shop in a cute little town and outside there are these cute little trinkets that are marked $1. You go into the shop to buy them because they are both cute and a great deal. When you get inside, however, you find that the same items are marked $2 and $3 dollars, and the shop owner tells you those are the actual prices. That wouldn’t sit well with you and you’d likely feel frustrated that they were telling you two different prices. You’d probably go somewhere else to ensure you knew exactly what you were paying. This is message matching. It’s essential that you have the same messaging across all your platforms so people know exactly what to expect from you.

What to Consider for Message Matching

To ensure you are doing this correctly, look at several things. The first is if you are offering the same deals or entry clean bonuses or whatever your lead magnet is consistent across all platforms. If you are offering a free fridge clean on your initial clean, make sure you are offering it on all platforms. The other side of this that may not be as obvious is ensuring your core values and voice are reflected across platforms. For example, one of your core values for you and your employees might be friendliness or warmth towards clients, but if your website is cold and corporate, that doesn’t reflect who you are as a company. Make sure your voice and values are reflected in every part of your messaging.

Messaging Done Correctly Leads to You Being You

When you are doing messaging correctly, it will feel natural to you to personify that messaging as a person and as a business. That’s why it’s so important to understand what your values are as a company and as a person and make decisions using those as a guide. When you are doing that, you don’t feel like you have the ‘business version’ of yourself and the ‘non-business version’ where you can let your hair down. You are who you are, and you create a culture that reflects the best, most genuine parts of that. 

Final Takeaway: Understanding who you are and what matters, then reflecting it consistently across your messaging is key for people to understand and connect with your brand. 

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