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Episode 486

Meet James: Works LESS, Makes MORE and is Pretty Awesome! Episode 486 : Mike Campion Live


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Episode 486 – Meet James: Works LESS, Makes MORE and is Pretty Awesome!

Today we meet James Berena, a graduate of the Grow My Cleaning Company program, from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. He is also a member of the Millionaire Mastermind. When we catch up with him today, we see that he is LOVING LIFE.

When you’re the “new guy”, EMBRACE IT

When you’re the “new guy” to any kind of group, embrace it and don’t be shy! Don’t be afraid to ask ALL the questions and really pick everyone’s brain.

See your competition as an opportunity

When the CRA (Canada’s version of the IRS) came to James and let him know that are were 482 competing cleaning businesses in his area, James wasn’t intimidated. Instead, he thought “Man, I’m dominating it!”.

James’s Keywords

At the Millionaire Mastermind event earlier this fall, James decided that his keywords that would define him are: happy, grateful, and unstoppable. That means that no matter what happens to James, he has DECIDED that he will always remain happy, grateful, and unstoppable. This helps him to stay grounded and remember who he IS, even in difficult situations.

James’s Specialty: Property Managers

Mike assigned James the marketing strategy called the “Dream 100 Strategy”. This required James to spend money on potential clients upfront, but this allowed him to really focus on the QUALITY of the customers he was attracting. It was about growing relationships with these property managers who controlled large cleaning company accounts. This helped James going from where no one knew him in his community, to two months later connecting with property managers in his area that control $8.4 million in cleaning company contracts!

Side notes and commentary from Mike

Make sure whoever you’re getting coaching from, that you trust them and that they’re experienced. All the coaching in the world isn’t worth it without ACTION on your part. Look for the 80-20 rule: smallest thing you can do that fixes the larger problem that is taking up 80% of your time.

James’s 2 main lessons learned

  1. Everyone has same amount of TIME. You always want to buy your time BACK. For example: finding a supplier that delivers for free so you can stop wasting time running out and picking up supplies. Another example: hiring virtual assistants to offload the admin work onto. James was really looking for the FREEDOM with his time, not money.
  2. STOP spreading yourself too thin. If everyone’s your target, then no one’s your target. Find your niche, and focus on that. 

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