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Episode 1013

Maximizing the Impact of Your Inner Circle in Business: Episode 1013


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Episode 1013
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Episode 1013 – Maximizing the Impact of Your Inner Circle in Business


In the world of entrepreneurship, success isn’t just about the strategies and tactics you employ in your business; it’s also about the people you surround yourself with. In a recent podcast episode hosted by Mike Campion, a leading figure in the cleaning industry, and featuring Jenell Newell, a mindset and results coach, the importance of selecting the right people to have in your inner circle was discussed in detail.

Choosing Your Inner Circle

The podcast began with Mike and Jenell emphasizing the significance of who you allow into your inner circle. They highlighted the old adage that suggests your net worth or income is often a reflection of the five closest people in your life. In other words, the people you choose to surround yourself with can have a profound impact on your results.

Mike and Jenell cautioned against oversimplifying success by merely focusing on manifesting and envisioning your goals. While these practices are essential, they stressed the importance of combining them with action and knowing what steps to take.

Identifying Potential Red Flags

During the conversation, Mike and Jenell identified two types of people who can potentially hinder your success. The first type is those who are fearful of your success, fearing that it will diminish their own worth. They might discourage your entrepreneurial endeavors out of their own insecurities. The second type is those who are always supportive, even when you’re making mistakes or heading in the wrong direction. They may not provide constructive criticism or challenge your decisions.

Jenell also added another red flag: people who offer advice on subjects they have no experience in. These individuals can unknowingly lead you astray with well-intentioned but uninformed guidance.

Taking Action

The podcast hosts stressed the importance of being selective when seeking mentors or coaches. When looking for guidance, consider individuals who have already achieved the results you desire, are currently achieving them, and have a track record of helping others do the same.

Moreover, it’s crucial to assess whether they are achieving these results because of their actions or despite them. Make sure their entire journey aligns with the life you aspire to lead.

Give, Don't Just Ask

One valuable piece of advice shared was the concept of giving rather than asking. Instead of approaching potential mentors or coaches with requests for help, offer something of value in return. This approach can be a game-changer when seeking mentorship or advice.


In the world of entrepreneurship, your inner circle can significantly impact your success. Choosing the right people to surround yourself with, both personally and professionally, is a critical step in achieving your goals. By being selective, seeking guidance from those who have already succeeded, and offering value in return, you can build a powerful support network that propels you toward success. So, as you navigate your entrepreneurial journey, remember the wisdom shared by Mike Campion and Jenell Newell and choose your inner circle wisely.

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