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Episode 995

Mastering the Art of Closing Deals for Cleaning Companies: Episode 995


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episode 995
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Episode 995 – Mastering the Art of Closing Deals for Cleaning Companies


In this coaching session, Mike Campion focuses on mastering the client bidding process and effectively following up on unclosed deals. Mike emphasizes the importance of working with clients who genuinely have a problem and are committed to solving it. The key to success lies in setting ground rules and understanding the client’s pain points during the initial 15-minute call. The blog post will delve into the strategies discussed to help businesses achieve better success in their client acquisition process.

Setting Ground Rules for the Bidding Process

Mike advocates a two-part approach to client calls: a 15-minute call to assess if the client has a real problem and a 60-minute on-site visit for the full bid. He stresses that they never give a bid unless the client demonstrates a commitment to solving their problem. This approach helps save time and focus efforts on potential clients who genuinely need assistance.

Identifying Genuine Pain Points

During the 15-minute call, the cleaning business owner looks for signs of genuine pain in the client’s situation. The client must show real interest in solving the problem, rather than just seeking multiple bids without commitment. This ensures that the owner’s time is spent on clients who truly need help and are willing to take action.

Qualifying Residential and Commercial Clients

For residential clients, Mike suggests focusing on understanding the problem and avoiding time-wasting scenarios. If the client is not willing to provide uninterrupted time for a thorough conversation during the on-site visit, he will disqualify them. Similarly, for commercial clients, the decision-maker must be present during the on-site visit. If they are not willing to engage in the discussion, Mike won’t invest further time.

Avoiding the "Think It Over" Trap

Mike discourages accepting the “think it over” response from clients. Instead, he encourages clear communication during the bidding process. If the client is genuinely interested, they will express a desire to move forward. Otherwise, Mike focuses on finding more suitable clients.

Effective Follow-Up Strategies

In cases where a potential client leaves the possibility open for reconsideration, Mike advises not to invest additional time on uncertain prospects. The focus should be on generating more leads and working with clients who are genuinely committed to solving their problem. Quantity and quality of leads are critical for successful client acquisition.


Mastering the art of closing deals involves setting ground rules, understanding the client’s pain points, and qualifying prospects effectively. By focusing on clients with genuine problems and a commitment to solving them, businesses can save time and effort while achieving higher success rates in their client acquisition process. A steady flow of quality leads ensures better opportunities for success, making it essential to prioritize lead generation and target clients who are genuinely interested in finding solutions.
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