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Episode 1041

Mastering Residential Sales, Government Contracts and more Insider Tips for Cleaning Company Owners: Episode 1041


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Episode 1041 – Mastering Residential Sales, Government Contracts and more Insider Tips for Cleaning Company Owners


Mike Campion tackles a trifecta of queries from a Facebook Live in the Grow My Cleaning Company Facebook Group. As we delve into the insights shared by Mike, it becomes evident that this episode isn’t just about sales; it’s a multifaceted exploration into the intricacies of running a successful cleaning business.

Hiring Salespeople for Residential Cleaning:

Mike’s expertise shines as he addresses a question on the best way to compensate a salesperson, particularly in the context of residential cleaning. He highlights the nuanced differences between residential and commercial sales, advocating for a personalized and hands-on approach in the residential realm. His insights shed light on the challenges of maintaining a personal connection with clients, a critical aspect that might be compromised when delegating sales tasks.

Analyzing Profit and Loss Statements:

Transitioning seamlessly, Mike responds to another = query on calculating profit and loss for cleaning businesses. With a focus on financial clarity, Mike underscores the importance of clean profit and loss statements. He advises business owners to invest in a skilled bookkeeper and actively engage in the statement review process. Mike differentiates between company-wide profit and loss and customer profitability, providing a roadmap for meticulous financial management in the cleaning industry.

Government Contracts and Business Growth:

Another listener’s question broadens the scope as she seeks guidance on taking control and being proactive in handling business growth. In his typical no-nonsense style, Mike challenges the vagueness of the question, encouraging specificity. As part of this exploration, the discussion extends to government contracts. Mike sheds light on the unique considerations and opportunities tied to government work, emphasizing the need for strategic planning and adherence to specific regulations for those venturing into this sector.

Strategic Approach to Residential Sales:

Returning to the realm of sales, Mike provides a detailed guide on hiring salespeople for residential cleaning, emphasizing the strategic approach required for lead conversion. From setting expectations for sales reps to analyzing the critical role of the initial phone call, Mike’s insights provide a comprehensive framework for residential cleaning business owners seeking to optimize their sales strategies.


In this power-packed episode, Mike Campion masterfully addresses the diverse landscape of sales, profitability, and even delves into the unique challenges and opportunities presented by government contracts. Cleaning business owners are treated to a wealth of actionable insights that span the spectrum from hiring salespeople and understanding profit and loss to strategically navigating the realm of government work. This podcast serves as a beacon for those looking to not only survive but thrive in the dynamic and competitive world of the cleaning industry.
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