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Episode 973

Mastering Mindset: Preparing for the Worst and Embracing Positive Thinking: Episode 973


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episode 973
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Episode 973 – Mastering Mindset: Preparing for the Worst and Embracing Positive Thinking


In this insightful podcast, Lindsay and Suzanne delve into the intriguing topic of mindset, specifically focusing on the delicate balance between preparing for the worst-case scenario and embracing positive thinking. They explore how these two seemingly opposing ideas can coexist and provide valuable insights on how to navigate them effectively. By the end of the discussion, listeners will gain a deeper understanding of the importance of mindset and how it can impact various aspects of their lives, particularly in the realm of business

Preparing for the Worst: Acknowledging and Planning

Suzanne begins the conversation by emphasizing the significance of preparing for the worst-case scenario. Rather than ignoring potential challenges or fears, she suggests acknowledging them and planning for the potential outcomes. By doing so, individuals can avoid sweeping issues under the rug and develop a proactive mindset. Suzanne uses the example of a cleaning business owner considering raising prices and the fear of losing clients. She encourages business owners to consider the worst-case scenario realistically and plan how they would handle it. This preparation allows them to be in control and find solutions that align with their business goals

Flipping the Script: Embracing Positive Thinking

Lindsay highlights the need to incorporate positive thinking into the mindset equation. While it may be challenging for some to shift from negative to positive thoughts, Suzanne explains that it is a practice that can be developed over time. She suggests catching negative thoughts that don’t serve individuals and replacing them with positive alternatives. By choosing to focus on positive outcomes, such as envisioning a successful and profitable business, individuals can cultivate a more optimistic perspective. Suzanne assures listeners that there is always a better thought, no matter the circumstances, and encourages them to choose their focus wisely

Overcoming Challenges: The Role of Mindset Coaches

The hosts touch on the difficulties clients often face when going through challenging situations. Suzanne points out that mindset coaches play a crucial role in helping individuals overcome mental barriers. With their guidance, clients can navigate negative thinking patterns, let go of past stories and limitations, and embrace new perspectives. By doing so, clients become better equipped to implement the strategies and systems required for success.

Case Study: Employee Challenges

To illustrate the power of positive thinking, Lindsay raises the common concern of struggling to find and retain employees. Suzanne introduces the concept of the “thinking wheel,” a visualization exercise where individuals map their thoughts, feelings, actions (or non-actions), and results in a circular diagram. By identifying negative thoughts, such as the belief that employees will inevitably quit, individuals can reframe their thinking and generate positive thoughts. This shift in mindset can lead to new actions and ultimately different results.


In this thought-provoking podcast, Lindsay and Suzanne explore the intricate relationship between preparing for the worst and embracing positive thinking. They emphasize the importance of acknowledging potential challenges, planning for them, and then shifting focus to positive outcomes. By cultivating a proactive and optimistic mindset, individuals can navigate hurdles with confidence and create a more successful and fulfilling business. Whether it’s raising prices, dealing with employee challenges, or any other aspect of life, mastering mindset is a valuable tool for personal and professional growth.

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