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Episode 998

Mastering Efficiency and Minimizing Stress in Your Cleaning Company: Episode 998


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episode 998
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Episode 998 –Mastering Efficiency and Minimizing Stress in Your Cleaning Company


In this podcast episode, Mike Campion sits down with Jackson Pinkoski, a lead generation specialist who excels in managing complex tasks without succumbing to stress. Together, they explore practical strategies for maintaining focus, completing projects, and reducing overwhelm. Jackson shares his personal techniques for staying calm and collected while tackling challenging tasks, offering valuable insights that can benefit anyone striving to enhance their productivity and decrease stress.

The Myth of Busyness:

Jackson opens the conversation by challenging the common misconception that being busy equates to being productive. He emphasizes the importance of completing tasks efficiently rather than spreading oneself thin across various activities. By breaking down complex challenges into manageable segments, individuals can achieve a greater sense of accomplishment while maintaining their focus.

The Power of Compartmentalization:

Jackson introduces the concept of compartmentalization, drawing parallels between this approach and puzzle-solving. He describes how he uses mental “boxes” to categorize different projects and tasks, allowing him to focus on one challenge at a time. By adopting this mindset, individuals can prevent overwhelm and work toward their goals with greater clarity.

The Role of Time Management:

Both Mike and Jackson stress the significance of effective time management. Jackson discusses the use of a visual exercise where he divides his weekly tasks into four boxes: main goals, supplementary tasks, appointments, and distractions. This technique helps individuals prioritize essential tasks, allocate time wisely, and minimize distractions.

The Myth of Multitasking:

Mike challenges the notion of multitasking and highlights how it often leads to decreased productivity and attention fragmentation. He points out that true focus and quality work emerge from single-tasking, where individuals dedicate their full attention to one task at a time. Jackson underscores the importance of treating conversations and interactions with respect and undivided attention.

The Psychology of Project Completion:

Jackson emphasizes the psychological satisfaction of completing tasks, which can contribute to reduced stress levels and a sense of accomplishment. He shares his practice of physically writing down tasks and checking them off upon completion. This process not only helps him stay organized but also provides a visual representation of progress.

Framing Challenges Positively:

Both Mike and Jackson discuss the significance of framing challenges in a positive light. Jackson’s shift from perceiving technical tasks as tedious to viewing them as puzzles to solve showcases the power of adopting a growth mindset. By changing the way challenges are perceived, individuals can reduce stress and enhance their problem-solving abilities.


The podcast offers valuable insights into the world of productivity and stress reduction, as exemplified by Jackson Pinkoski’s methods. By focusing on single-tasking, compartmentalization, time management, and positive framing, individuals can enhance their ability to tackle challenges effectively while maintaining their composure. Remember, it’s not about being busy, but about accomplishing tasks with purpose and clarity.

Note: For a link to the square/quadrant method Jackson describes, click HERE

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