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Episode 1136

Mastering Delegation to Transform Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1136


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Episode 1136 – Mastering Delegation to Transform Your Cleaning Company

Welcome Back, Jenell!

Hey, Cleaning Nation! In this episode, Mike Campion has a fantastic conversation with Jenell Newell. You might remember Jenell from a while back. She’s an amazing coach who helps our clients go from knowing what to do to actually doing it. Today, she’s here to talk about getting over the fear of delegation.

Why Delegation is So Hard

Many of you want to hire cleaners, but you’re scared your clients will only accept you. You worry employees might not show up, or worse, steal or mess up the job. But the truth is, with good systems and processes, you can find reliable, qualified people. Yet, despite this, many owners still think they have to do all the cleaning themselves.

The Real Problem

We’ve seen clients who haven’t taken a real vacation in ten years. We help them get their first vacation, and they come back to find everything was fine without them. But then they go right back to doing all the work themselves. The problem isn’t the systems; it’s their mindset. They struggle to delegate and let go of control.

From Employee to Owner Mindset

Many cleaning business owners are stuck in an employee mindset. They think they have to do everything themselves to ensure it’s done right. But a true owner trusts their systems and their team. They support their employees and focus on running the business, not doing all the work.

Changing Your Beliefs

To shift from an employee to an owner, you need to change your beliefs. First, understand it’s okay to set boundaries and tell clients you won’t be the one cleaning. Second, realize others can do the job well and even better than you. Third, it’s okay if employees make mistakes; you can fix them and move on. Fourth, you make more money working on your business, not in it. Fifth, it’s not easier to do everything yourself; it’s better to set up systems. Finally, employees don’t need to see you do the work; they need your leadership.

Practice Makes Perfect

Changing these beliefs takes practice. Start by introducing yourself as the owner of a cleaning company. Trust your team and celebrate their successes. Remember, your business should work for you, not the other way around. By shifting your mindset and trusting your team, you can grow your business and finally take that well-deserved vacation.

By following these steps and changing your mindset, you can overcome the fear of delegation and truly become a business owner. Trust your systems, trust your team, and enjoy the freedom and growth that comes with it.

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