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Episode 990

Mastering Boundaries and Attracting the Right Team for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 990


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Episode 990 – Mastering Boundaries and Attracting the Right Team for Your Cleaning Company


In this blog post, we will delve into a coaching session, hosted by Mike Campion, where business owners seek guidance on handling overwhelm caused by employee inquiries, setting boundaries, and attracting the right team members. Throughout this session, we’ll learn valuable insights into building a competent team that aligns with your core values and grows your business.

Setting the Foundation with Core Values:

The coaching session begins with the importance of core values in building a successful team. The core values become the guiding principles for the business and serve as a strong foundation for setting boundaries and managing employees effectively.

Setting Boundaries for Effective Communication:

One of the major challenges the business owner faces is dealing with constant messages from employees about scheduling and other issues. To address this, the Mike advises setting clear boundaries on communication. Employees should be directed to use appropriate channels like Slack, email, or a designated messaging platform instead of personal texts. Moreover, employees need to understand that responses will be provided within specific time frames, allowing them to think independently and solve problems on their own.

Handling Employee Questions and Concerns:

When employees ask questions or raise concerns about scheduling, the business owner is advised to refer them to the scheduler or the appropriate team member for such matters. Clear communication about how and when to reach out for specific issues helps avoid unnecessary interruptions and allows the owner to focus on more important tasks.

Empowering Employees to Solve Problems:

To foster a sense of responsibility and autonomy among employees, it’s essential to let them handle their own tasks and challenges. The business owner is encouraged to set the rules, define job roles clearly, and empower employees to figure things out on their own. This approach not only boosts their confidence but also allows the owner to focus on higher-level responsibilities

Attracting the Right Team Members:

The coaching session also addresses the topic of attracting the right team members. The second business owner expresses a desire to hire individuals who are motivated to grow and advance in their roles. Mike emphasizes the significance of living out the company’s core values openly and loudly. This attracts like-minded individuals who resonate with these values and helps repel those who may not be a good fit for the company’s culture.

Creating Room for Advancement:

While the coaching session acknowledges the lack of advancement opportunities in a cleaning job, it stresses the importance of empowering employees to pursue personal growth and development. Encouraging employees to seek better opportunities and supporting them in their journeys helps foster loyalty and trust within the team.


The coaching session by Mike Campion provided valuable insights into managing overwhelm caused by employee inquiries and attracting the right team members. Setting clear boundaries, empowering employees, and living out core values openly are crucial aspects of building a successful team. By focusing on current challenges and mastering core principles, the cleaning company owner is equipped to lead a competent team that drives the company’s growth and success.
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