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Episode 731

Marketing Myths, How to Avoid them and What to do Instead : Episode 731


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Episode 731 –Marketing Myths, How to Avoid them and What to do Instead

Hello Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have our mindset ninja Tracey talking to our in house marketing expert Jered Robinson. Jered works in our marketing but also with our clients in their marketing and today, he is here to talk about some of the biggest marketing myths, why they don’t work, and what you can do instead. Don’t miss this episode. There is something in here for everyone no matter where you are in your business growth journey!

Myth #1: Hiring Someone WIll Solve all Your Problems

A common myth Jered sees when he works with our clients is that people seem to think that if they can just hire someone, all their problems will be solved. The build it and they will come mentality often doesn’t pan out that way. If you aren’t clear on who you want to hire, what you’re hoping they’ll do for your business, what your core values are, etc, chances are you are going to hire someone that requires more work from you, not less. If you can take a step back and ask yourself what your ultimate goals are when you hire someone, you are going to get a lot farther and your business is going to grow in a deliberate way that takes the weight off you allowing you to be the CEO, rather than the person constantly putting out fires.

Myth #2: You Should be Marketing to Everyone

If you are talking to everyone in your marketing, you aren’t talking to anyone. The idea that the goal of your marketing is just to get someone to say yes to you comes off as very general. It can be hard to stand out, because, ultimately, that’s how everyone feels. If you aren’t standing out, it will ultimately come down to a bidding war with your competitors, it’s the only thing you have to help you stand out. If you can instead, niche a little more it will be easier for the right people to find you, and it will make your marketing dollars stretch a lot farther. The riches really are in the niches.

Myth #3: Good Marketing Means Telling People Why Your Business is Amazing

There is a misconception that, when selling your business to a potential client, it is good practice to point out all the amazing things your business does. Ie. We have won such and such award, we use green products, our cleaners will do xyz. In reality, those clients want to hear about what you are going to do for them. How are you going to benefit THEIR life when they use you as their cleaner?

A great way to make that shift is to use the ‘so that’ phrase. We do this thing in our business ‘so that you don’t have to take valuable time out of your day to get it done’ or whatever that phrase may be. But that can be a powerful way to speak to your audience in a really connecting way.

Myth #4: “Professional” Marketing is in Vogue

Clients often come to us with this idea that good marketing is professional marketing. In reality, in today’s market with all the competing images, deals and ads, you aren’t going to get very far using vanilla marketing ads and strategies. You have to be a human talking and connecting to another human. You can’t just copy what you see other people doing and think it will work. When you stand out, you are going to people’s attention which is the first step to getting that client. Avoid being generic, boring, and forgettable at all costs.

Myth #5: Put a “Free Quote” at the Top of Your Website

In reality, once a person clicks through to your landing page, that is the time to convince them that YOU are the solution to their problem. If the first thing they see is a free quote button, they don’t know yet why they need to click on that. Use your website to sell them on it. Don’t miss that opportunity.

FInal Takeaway:

Be brave in your marketing. You won’t regret it.

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