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Episode 371

Marketing Effectively With More Time Than Money : 371 : TJ Fruichantie


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Episode 371 – Marketing Effectively With More Time Than Money

Today we are chatting with TJ Fruichantie from Meticulous Man Services.  

Tj finds himself with a lot of time on his hands, but not a lot of money in the bank. Today, we are going to be focusing on some great, low cost, ways to market your company.

One way is Offer to host a live event, or a ‘lunch and learn’. Finding ways to get new clients can be difficult, especially in the beginning. A huge part of effective marketing is creativity. The more creative and appealing the offer, the higher rate of success you’ll have. Buying lunch for a client or putting on a presentation can be a great way for great feedback as well as possible clients.

Another way is by sending postcards, or care packages, depending on your budget. Through a site called which will can send targeted mail, for instance to certain houses around your best clients. If you’re company has bigger commercial clients, you may want to look into sending personalized care packages, however that will always be a bit more pricey.

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Facebook ads are another great way to market. The price for facebook ads can vary, but it has precise targeting that can really help you find clients in your niche. Depending on what your niche is and how much money you have, facebook ads can be a great way to find new clients. Like in step one, creativity is key here. People online see a lot of ads, make sure yours has a great offer to go with it. (i.e lunch and learn, free first cleaning etc.)

One more great idea to implement is a client referral system. Have an offer for a free cleaning for any client and a friend that they referral. Make sure to have an automated email sequence that follows up, and make sure to get feedback. There are also sites like to get great reviews from your customers quickly and easily.

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Before we head into the lightning round, we are going to go over a few last pieces of advice.

The less amount of money you have, the tighter you niche needs to be. You ideally want to have 5-10% of your revenue going to client attraction, and you will have a much better success rate with your marketing if you can spend a dollar or two on a customer rather than just a few cents.  

Another thing to keep in mind if you’re marketing on a budget, is that the less money you have, the more compelling your offer needs to be. If you give them their first cleaning free, that is going to have a much higher success rate over an add with no offers. If you can’t afford to do an entire free cleaning, at least have some sort of offer or creative way to make yourself stand out.

With all that great new knowledge fresh in our heads, let’s head over to the…

Lightning Round:

Best advice you’ve received either personally or professionally?

Be more accepting of compliments.

What’s the biggest mistake you’ve made in the cleaning business we can all learn from?

Taking on jobs that I was not prepared for, and being in over my head.

What is your favorite book?

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