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Episode 099

Marketing Cleaning Services: Episode 099: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 099 – Marketing Cleaning Services

Marketing Cleaning Services
In today’s episode Mike coaches Caleb Jeffreys of Jeffrey’s Cleaning Service on how to market cleaning services to his existing customers.
Caleb’s company has several accounts with local convenience stores but wants to break into the untapped stores not using his services yet. The key to Marketing Cleaning Services is knowing who you are talking to and speaking their language.

Let’s start off on a different note real quick about the “double sale” Which would be selling a customer on your services and then marketing cleaning services to them they don’t have or know they want/need.

The problem in Caleb’s situation is that those stores don’t just have another vendor providing those services, but they are just not getting done at all.

BONUS TIP: Make sure you are doing $100/hr work not r$10/hr work and marketing cleaning services one by one to people who don’t use/want it is $10/hr work.

The path of least resistance is to find more customers that already see the value in what you’re doing and transitioning them to you rather than trying to convert existing customers that aren’t interested in what you are selling.

So spend your time doing $100/hr work and identifying those customers and reaching out to the people that want your service.

That said, let’s turn our attention to Caleb’s actual question, how to get past the gatekeeper to get more accounts from an existing customer.

It’s important to have the right mindset. An impossible sale is making someone feel stupid for not knowing/wanting your service.

Call your prospects and customers and find out is important to them. Ask lots of questions and listen.

Ask them what is important to you? Your hopes and dreams? Then find a way to connect what you offer to achieving those hopes and dreams.

Let’s say they say “I want to make more money”. Then do research on how your service can make them money. Do cleaner stores/bathrooms have an effect on how long customers stay in those stores and does that time correlate with how much they spend on average?

Get out of the conversation to get them to talk to someone they don’t know about something they don’t want to talk about. But rather to ask them about what they want to talk about and listen.

One idea you could do is hold a lunch and learn and share with them several bits of useful stats and ideas and only one component is how you can help them to achieve their goals.

BONUS TIP: Give more than you ask.

As far as finding out who the decision makers are, just call and ask! The front desk can generally give you the name/number/email on how to get in touch with those people.

Keep in mind that the person that you are talking to has different pains and hopes and dreams. Like an owner is going to have different pain than a regional manager than a local manager.

Caleb ends it off with a bank in the Lightning Round
Find your niche and stick to it
Make sure you stay ahead on billing and paperwork
Keep improving yourself

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