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Episode 066

Managing Employees: Episode 066: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 066 – Managing Employees

Managing Employees
In today’s episode, Mike coaches Melissa Cierly from Your Way Cleaning Services about delagating responsibilities to the other members of the cleaning team.

Wearing too many hats at the same time on your cleaning business? Is the task of Managing Employees keeping you from running and growing your business?

Do your customers love you? Of course they do, you’re amazing!


What if you’re unavailable?

What if you had a bad day?

What if you got sick? (We hope not)

Will your cleaning business also be unavailable?

If you want to grow your business, you can’t be cleaning accounts! That means employees and more importantly Managing Employees.

We understand why some customers are very “picky” and would simply leave if they don’t get what they want on the first place. Maybe they don’t want to happen again what happened in their past.

But you can’t let the fear of losing customers keep you from the business you dream of having. Listen in to learn how Managing Employees the right way can get you to where you want to be without all the heartache.

Bonus Tips: How to treat your customers

Respect Them
Value their Time
Don’t do a poor job
Don’t take advantage

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