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Episode 925

Making the Right Decisions for Your Cleaning Business: Episode 925


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ep 925
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Episode 925 – Making the Right Decisions for Your Cleaning Business

Becca, the founder of Storm Cleaning in Michigan started the company in August 2018 and turned her side hustle into a full-time career. She talks about her decision to make the shift from studying medicine to cleaning and how she felt fulfilled in serving people through her work. She started Storm Cleaning with a few referrals and some help from friends and quickly grew to the point where she couldn’t manage it anymore.

Becca reached out for help when she was at a breaking point. She felt like she wasn’t herself anymore and that her personal life was being affected. She realized that the skills it takes to be a good cleaner are not the same as the skills it takes to run a cleaning company. Becca’s story highlights the importance of recognizing when to get help, even if things haven’t reached the point of being unbearable.

Becca had a lot of people telling her that she needed to use her education and go into the medical field. As a people-pleaser, she had doubts about her decision to pursue cleaning. However, she knew that owning a business would ultimately give her the freedom to do what she wants in life.

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