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Episode 596

Make Your Goals a Reality in 2021 for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 596


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Episode 596 – Make Your Goals a Reality in 2021 for Your Cleaning Company

For over 20 years, I’ve had multiple businesses and set goals for them, but often didn’t reach them. I would try everything including, yelling at sales people and spending more money but nothing worked. It was so frustrating to have a HIGH level of commitment but not be able to hit my goals. I finally realized that it wasn’t commitment, but it was a lack of systems. The top thing that was holding me back was setting unrealistic expectations for myself. This matched with setting goals based on things outside of my control kept me from achieving the ones I could. I realized if I couldn’t make my goals reality, I was failing as a business owner! After years of these difficulties I finally realized I just needed to break my goals down from things I can’t control to things I can control. I could write my own rules so I always won. By writing these rules I knew what to do when I didn’t reach my goals. Instead of simply “working harder”, I just needed to change my goals a little bit. I needed to take the part of the goal that was focused on things I couldn’t control and remove it.

Through all of my experience, I have put a framework together to help you skip all of the wondering I had to do.

  1. Start with your BIG goals, like how much you want to increase your sales in the upcoming year.
  2. Break the big goal into smaller goals. (Take the amount you came up above and divide it by 12)
  3. Now, break those down into pieces. (leads, bids, sales)                                                                          Now it’s time to put these goals into action.
  4. Now that you have broken those down into actions you need to focus on what you can do! But, always round up. Never discount what you can do.
  5. Track where you are in the process. It can be hard to achieve goals if you can’t see where you are.
  6. Yay, we are at the end. Now it is time to review. What goals did you reach and what goals did you not? Start with the big goal and work down to the smallest goal that you didn’t meet.

This simple framework allowed me to build multi million dollar businesses much faster than if I didn’t use it.

This is the exact process we use to hold our Next Level members accountable every month.

Not only does this framework help you know your goals, it helps you reach them. It gives you the knowledge to know why you didn’t reach your goals. This ability is something you can pass on to your team as well, making you a leader and not just a manager. l

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