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Episode 195

Make More Money With Janitorial Bidding Software: Episode 195: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 195 – Make More Money With Janitorial Bidding Software

Can Janitorial Bidding Software Make YOU More Money?
Job costing, bidding and up-selling with janitorial bidding software
Welcome to part two of our deep dive into janitorial bidding software. You are about to discover how it can make your life and your cleaning business better. We pick up with the man, the myth the bearded legend, Courtland Driggs with CleanTelligent.

RESOURCE ALERT: Check out Part 1 about customer relations, communicating with your employees and tracking customer satisfaction.
Once you have all of the good stuff from Part 1 down, the next step is to make sure you are profitable. In addition to a clean profit and loss statement you want to make sure you are bidding jobs properly.

Janitorial bidding software can be an excellent tool. It can keep you from making two mistakes:

Bidding too high. This can cause you to lose jobs
Underbidding. This can cause you to end up paying your customer for the privilege of cleaning
NOTE: Janitorial bidding software can help you identify unprofitable jobs sooner
Court explains that CleanTelligent janitorial bidding software has a database built in. It knows how long each type of job and service should take based on square footage, materials and all the other variables you need to give a solid bid.

When looking for janitorial bidding software, you want to make sure that data is up to date and ideally able to be customized.

NOTE: Labor is by FAR your biggest expense in the cleaning business- you have to get it right!
You can’t give a good bid if you don’t know exactly how much labor is going to cost you. Labor costs aren’t the entire story- you have to take workers comp, social security and other payroll expenses.

When you know your numbers, you are more comfortable adjusting pricing and service offerings to create a package that fits your prospects budget.

NOTE: Make sure your janitorial bidding software has labor, payroll expenses and material costs
Mike explains there are exactly (and only) three ways to grow a cleaning business:

Add new clients
Get your current clients to buy more often
Get your existing clients to spend more money when they do buy
Bidding well can help you grow your business all three ways. Keep an eye open for additional services that might benefit your clients on job walks. Once you have put all of the costs and measurements into your janitorial bidding software, you have the data forever.

This comes in handy when 6 months into your contract, the client asks for a price to strip and wax a floor or clean some carpets. Instead of taking days and going out to remeasure, you can bid right from the data in your software.

So many owners of cleaning companies understand the concepts and benefits of janitorial bidding software, but hesitate to implement it. Most companies fail with janitorial bidding software not because it doesn’t work, but because they don’t implement well.

KEY POINT: Make sure the janitorial bidding software you choose has all of the implementation support you need
“I’m never going to use it, I’ve tried it before and I just wasted a bunch of money but never got it off the ground”.

Often an owner will find a new product and get excited about it. The set up and implementation part of it is so time consuming and confusing, they never end implementing. This becomes a huge time and money suck.

Cort explains that a successful transition to janitorial bidding software is to have a good foundation in place. You want to have processes in place and be clear on what result you want. He explains that a company of 50 employees should be able to implement software and start getting benefits in just a couple of months.

Some of the pitfalls that Court and Cleantelligent see are:

Trying to go it alone
Not getting employee buy in
Not training the employees to help one another adopt the new system
Court shares that Cleantelligent customers should expect to invest 3-5 hours a week for the first couple weeks to transition into their software. Like every other change, it can be a lot to start but gets easier as time goes on.

Being the swell guy that he is, Court hooks up Cleaning Nation with a Special Deal. Just CLICK HERE to get free upgrades and training.

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