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Episode 950

Luck or Hard Work? The Secrets to Building a Successful Cleaning Company: Episode 950


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EP 950
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Episode 950 – Luck or Hard Work? The Secrets to Building a Successful Cleaning Company

Starting and growing a business is no easy feat, as Christian, the owner Apex Commercial Cleaning, can attest to. In this episode, he shares his experience of building and scaling his business, highlighting the importance of effective systems and values to guide his team.

At the beginning of his journey, Christian thought that his business lacked a management structure, and the solution was to hire an Operations Manager. However, he soon realized that the real problem was a lack of systems for his employees to understand their expectations and responsibilities. With this realization, he set out to create clear guidelines and processes for his team to follow, enabling them to work more efficiently and effectively.

Christian also emphasizes the importance of having clear core values that guide the business and inform the hiring process. By identifying the core values that his business stands for, Christian was able to attract team members who shared those values and were committed to providing high-quality service. This, in turn, helped to build a strong and dedicated team that contributed to the company’s growth.

The conversation also touches on the topic of luck and success. While the Christian’s business experienced rapid growth before COVID-19 and was able to weather the pandemic without much impact on profits, Mike challenges the idea of luck and attributes the success to Christianshard work, seeking out information, and implementing it.

Christian also discusses two major changes they made to the business: implementing core values and upgrading systems to better serve the team without needing to hire more managers. The discussion centers around the impact of these changes on the business, particularly from a profit perspective, and the Christian’s personal experience with the changes.

Christian’s experience highlights the importance of understanding the root cause of business problems and focusing on creating effective systems and values that guide the business. By doing so, businesses can improve their operations and create a strong foundation for growth. It’s clear that success is not just a matter of luck, but rather the result of hard work, dedication, and a commitment to continuous improvement.

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