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Episode 1116

Losing a Major Client? How to Rebuild Your Cleaning Company: Episode 1116


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Episode 1116 – Losing a Major Client? How to Rebuild Your Cleaning Company

Identifying Challenges:

Lindsay begins by addressing a common concern among cleaning company owners: feeling out of control in their business. She shares an email from Joe, who faces the daunting task of restructuring his business after losing a major client. This prompts Mike to provide valuable insights into preventing such situations and maintaining business stability.

Preventive Measures:

Mike emphasizes the importance of selective customer acquisition, urging owners to prioritize recurring clients over one-time gigs. He highlights the risks associated with relying on a single major client and stresses the need for diversified revenue streams. By adopting a proactive approach to client acquisition, businesses can mitigate future challenges.

Understanding Client Dynamics:

Mike distinguishes between residential and commercial clients, noting the differences in lead times and relationship-building. He underscores the significance of nurturing long-term commercial partnerships, which require patience and strategic planning. Building trust and rapport with clients ensures a steady flow of business opportunities over time.

Strategic Planning:

Acknowledging Joe’s immediate concerns, Mike advises against seeking quick fixes and instead advocates for long-term planning. He encourages owners to set realistic goals and develop actionable strategies for business recovery. By focusing on sustainable growth and scalability, businesses can overcome temporary setbacks and thrive in the long run.

Practical Insights:

In response to Lindsay’s queries, Mike offers practical advice on managing overhead costs and exploring alternative income sources. He cautions against the allure of short-term gains, urging owners to prioritize sustainable business practices. By maintaining a long-term perspective and seeking professional guidance, owners can navigate challenges effectively.


As the episode concludes, Mike and Lindsay emphasize the importance of proactive decision-making and strategic planning in the cleaning industry. They invite listeners to seek support from Grow My Cleaning Company for personalized guidance and solutions. By leveraging collective expertise and resources, owners can overcome challenges and achieve sustainable success in their businesses.
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