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Episode 418

Level Up Your Cleaning Company's Systems : 418 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 418 – Level Up Your Cleaning Company's Systems

Most people tend to rely on the systems that they already have in place, expecting them to take you to the next level. More often than not, the systems you used to get your business to $100k in sales yearly won’t be the same system that will take your company to $250k and beyond. That is, unless you have a system that prioritizes its scalability. Today Mike is here to talk about what systems are important, and how to take them to the next level.

One of the more prevalent problems that Mike sees with owners of cleaning companies is when they are dealing with all of the owner’s duties on top of cleaning and lower tier problems. This can cause a multitude problems. Firstly, it can quickly lead to overworking and burnout, which in turn leads to being less effective on both sides. Secondly, this teaches your employees and clients that they should turn to you for every problem they or the company may have, which severely limits scalability, as well as taking up the most precious resource you have, your time. Thirdly, (and this rings especially true to those of you who don’t have employees) This inhibits your ability to truly grow your business to the next level. Even if you’re scared that your customers will be angry, or that none of your employees can clean as well as you, it just doesn’t work if you’re looking to really grow. Most people don’t start a cleaning company just to find themselves stuck with a normal cleaning job.

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Another false idea that Mike hears frequently is that you don’t have any systems. In reality, whether you have put thought and effort into your systems or not, you have systems. How you operate your company, and how to handle certain situations should all be known within your systems. How you handle changing and implementing systems, is actually also a system within itself. It’s better to take a bit longer to develop and explain your systems, rather than to use quick fixes that don’t work when you’re not around.

There are three specific types of scalable systems that you’re going to need in order to really start growing. First, you will need the foundational (i.e what are your goals, core values, what kind of effective financial system you can put in place.) Secondly, you’ll need a strong Client Attraction System. Remember, systems should work even while you’re not around, so chasing clients down is not a very effective way to get clients. As owners of cleaning companies, you want to sell today, but the reality is that your clients don’t always want to buy right now. It’s a good idea to get a system in place so that clients reach out to you when they’re ready. Thirdly, you’ll need a strong employee attraction system. Having a system that attracts employees at all times, and where you can interview multiple people at once is a much better system than putting ads up and sifting through tons of applications.

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