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Episode 743

Cleaning Company Marketing Tips for 2022: Episode 743


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Episode 743 – Cleaning Company Marketing Tips for 2022

Welcome to the podcast cleaning nation! Today, we have our in-house marketing extraordinaire Jered Robinson doing a special podcast all about how to stand out in a sea of marketers. Back when online marketing was new, it was very easy to find results with minimal effort. Now, the market is absolutely saturated with ads every time they turn on their computer. Today, Jered is going to talk about how to stand out when there is so much competition in a way that will get you results!

The 3 P’s of Marketing

When it comes to effective marketing, the way to take your messaging to the next level is by applying what we call the three ‘P’s of marketing. The 3 ‘P’s stand for pain, problem awareness, and promotion. Instead of saying to someone, ‘I will clean your house, it will be great’. You are creating a scenario they can relate to. ‘You are tired, you don’t have time to clean, cleaning will take a load off your busy schedule, etc.’ Now, through understanding their pain, they understand they have a need that needs to be met. Once they understand that, you show them, through problem awareness, that a solution exists to solve that pain. Ie. ‘I have a cleaning service that will take away that pain from you. This is how.’ And now, you can promote why they should use your company. You will offer some incentive to them that will make them take a chance on you because you can resolve the pain they have. This strategy is a powerful one.

How do we figure out the three P’s

Now, you have to figure out what your client’s pain is, but how. The best way we’ve found is to have deep conversations with clients. Ask them what they need. Ask them what your service has done for them. I was in a meeting with some app developers a while back who had someone there to talk about what she, as a consumer, wanted to see in their app. And as she went through and talked about all the things she wanted to be changed in the app, I stopped her and started asking her different questions. I asked, what is one thing you would change about the app if you had to choose one thing? Now, how would that one thing change your life? Once she started talking in that direction, we could really get some marketing messaging for the product we were trying to sell.

Creating A Brand Out of Understanding Your Audience

Once you have your audience figured out, now you can build a brand around who they are and what you can do for them. There is a reason people will pay a premium for brands they know, like, and trust. They know that when they come out with a new offering, it is something that will make their lives better, improve their quality of life, etc. so they’ll keep coming back to them. The same will happen for you in your cleaning business. You will gain loyal clients who will choose you because of what your brand represents to them.

Final Takeaway: Messaging is everything when it comes to effective marketing.

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