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Episode 929

Lessons Learned on the Road to Business Ownership: Episode 929


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ep 929
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Episode 929 – Lessons Learned on the Road to Business Ownership

Suzanne, a mindset coach for the Elite Program, interviews Mary, a participant in the program who owns a residential cleaning business in Canada. Mary shares that she started her business during the pandemic, and it grew quickly. However, she lacked experience in managing a company and wanted to learn more about running her business effectively. Mary joined the Elite Program to gain knowledge and guidance from Mike and his team, who have experience in the cleaning business.

Mary admits that she was overwhelmed when she first started the program, feeling unsure of how to manage her company and how to navigate certain aspects of business. However, with the help of the program’s mindset and tactical goals, she was able to calm herself down and take things step by step. The program helped her develop a better relationship with numbers, which she had previously struggled with.

Mary shares that she gained knowledge and guidance in managing her company and improved her outlook on finances and technology. GMCC’s combination of mindset and tactical goals helped her overcome her fears and take her business to the next level.

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