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Episode 546

Leave Your Cleaning Company Competition in the Dust: Episode 546: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 546 – Leave Your Cleaning Company Competition in the Dust

Confidence was a Missing Element:

When I had my cleaning company, I often felt like I was “losing out” to bigger competitors in my area. What I noticed was, I wanted to grow, but the numbers didn’t add up if I tried to go the “price matching” route. I couldn’t identify this at the time, but what I REALLY wanted was confidence! Confidence that I COULD actually grow. Confidence that my business model would get me the results I wanted. Confidence that I was doing the RIGHT things and wasn’t wasting my time and risking my money. I tried competing on price, going on cattle call job walks, getting small business and minority certifications, but nothing was working.

What Else was Missing:

Business after business, year after year, I just kept “working harder”. The real problem was that I never had a viable, scalable business model. No matter how hard I worked, I wasn’t going to be able to compete and I couldn’t figure out WHY I would lose out. This cost me over a decade and millions of dollars in wasted money and lost opportunity.

It All Came Down to 3 Parts:

Eventually, I started to get bits and pieces of clarity, but it all came to me when I started coaching others and became obsessed with who got results, who didn’t ,and WHY that happened. My big discovery was there were really THREE parts to a successful business. Most owners had one or two. The scary part was most that were missing one key ingredient didn’t even know what that ingredient was! When I stopped trying to “work harder” or jump from “new idea/ marketing plan/ leadership model” to the “new thing” everything came together. I didn’t need EVERY thing, I just needed three key things. I needed a framework to put everything in and a filter to see everything through.

Breaking Down the 3 Part Framework:


Here’s how I break down the three part framework to a successful business:

  1. Your Model of the World
  2. Business Model (the money)
  3. Client & Employee Attraction Systems (or lack of)

Let’s dive into each of these concepts starting with Your Model of the World:

  • You must own your results.
  • If you give up- you fail.
  • If you place blame outside of your area of influence- you fail.
  • If you keep following the methods you have been using, you will keep getting the results you have been getting.

Next up is your Business model:

  • You need to KNOW your profit on EVERY client- it can’t go up and down depending on how good of a salesperson your client is or what their circumstances/ budget is.
  • Recurring revenue is KING.
  • You can’t compete on price.

Last but not least, we have your Client & Employee Attraction Model. The business model we just discussed happens when you install dependable, scalable and repeatable systems to attract the BEST employees or clients into your business WITHOUT competing on Pay & price!


These create:

  • Ability to bid properly without emotion because there will always be another bid coming.
  • Ability to pay properly because you have more people wanting in than you have room for them.
  • Ability to fire bad customers AND employees AND not take on bad customers/ employees going forward.


No marketing, leadership, training, certification or accounting system is going to get you where you want if your: Model of the World, Business Model and Client/ Employee attraction models aren’t solid first. Once I learned this, I didn’t work any harder, I was able to focus more and get exponentially more results out of the same work. This seemed less frustrating because I was getting results. My clients have confidence and fall back in love with their businesses again!

The Results:

We have all moved from jumping from thing to thing and getting frustrated to working within a framework. No more taking 2 steps forward and 1 (or 9!) steps back- we are now able to consistently move forward. Being able to SEE what the problem is when we DO get stuck. I went from hard worker to confident owner who got results!

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