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Episode 106

leaning Bid Package: Episode 106: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 106 – leaning Bid Package

Cleaning Bid Package
Today Mike coaches Shadonna Green from Reasonable Cleaning Cleaning Big Package.

First and foremost there are a couple of pieces to the Cleaning Bid Package

The actual bid
The presentation
So many people just focus on how much the bid should be but no one focuses on the actual package that blows people away, they just put it on plain paper or maybe even a letterhead.

Start with a lead magnet.

What’s a lead magnet you ask? Something your visitors want, something people want to know. Helpful to someone looking to hire a cleaner. 5 things or 7 things or 9 things you must know before hiring a residential or commercial cleaner.

Then you line out “how to buy” but ideally you are the only one that has all the requirements to having the best experience.

You can list out several things like “Make sure they have insurance, they’re bonded, they have ID tags, uniforms etc.. whatever your company does including your unique selling proposition”

Then once you have that set up, that’s basically what you are going to include in your bid package. Your insurance, your bond, what kinds of uniforms your employees wear, etc…

So if thing number 1 in your lead magnet is “Do their employees carry a picture ID”, the first thing in your bid package is a picture of your employee with a picture ID.

If the second thing is a background check, list who does your background checks, how they are done and maybe a sample background check.

If the third thing is a guarantee, include your guarantee!

You really want to find things that will set you apart that your competitors aren’t doing.

Be creative, spend time putting it together figuring it out, but then systemize it so that each time you need to give a bid, you have an amazing package ready to go, just insert your individual price/bid.

Now for the advanced stuff – harbor freight has pretty sweet looking boxes with sound foam inside that you can customize. You can include your bid package in there with some treats and other relevant material. Your bid will be far and away the most memorable bid they probably have ever received.

If you are bidding a job that is 3-4g a month it is absolutely worth putting the time and money into the bid package.

BONUS TIP: Make sure the whole bid is about them and the benefits to them.

Communicate that you understand their pain and the at you are the only one qualified to address and fix your pain.

The only limitation is your imagination.

Calendars and chotchkies are ok, but you should really be spending your advertising dollars on things that are more creative, memorable and fun.

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