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Episode 1110

Lead Management to Quality Checks: Essential Tips for Cleaning Companies: Episode 1110


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Episode 1101 – From Lead Management to Quality Checks: Essential Tips for Cleaning Companies

In this episode of the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast, Mike Campion and Lindsay Bjorklund explore the top three challenges faced by cleaning company owners. With a lively discussion fueled by questions from engaged listeners, they dissect issues ranging from handling cleaners’ absences to managing leads and conducting quality checks. As they tackle each query with expertise and humor, Mike and his co-host provide valuable insights and actionable strategies for overcoming these common obstacles. Join us as we explore practical solutions and shift perspectives in the pursuit of business success.

Cleaning and Staffing Challenges

One common challenge highlighted is the difficulty in maintaining a reliable cleaning staff. Many struggle with absenteeism and high turnover rates, making it a recurring issue. Mike emphasizes the importance of shifting one’s mindset from focusing on the problem to seeking solutions. Believing in the possibility of finding reliable staff is key. The podcast offers resources on transitioning away from cleaning tasks, emphasizing the need to adopt a proactive approach.

Group Interviews and Recruitment

Another challenge raised is the effectiveness of group interviews, with concerns about low attendance. Mike suggests reframing the issue by considering alternative solutions, such as increasing the number of applicants to improve attendance rates. The discussion underscores the need for time management and prioritization, urging listeners to allocate time for essential tasks like recruitment.

Administrative Tasks and Time Management

Another challenge revolves around administrative tasks and time constraints, particularly in terms of affordability and training. Mike emphasizes the importance of specificity in identifying administrative responsibilities and proposes strategies for streamlining processes. Moreover, the conversation touches on the emotional aspect of these challenges, highlighting the significance of maintaining a positive mindset amidst difficulties.

Addressing Lead Generation Challenges

Following up on leads emerges as a recurring theme, underscoring the significance of prompt responses in residential cleaning services. Mike emphasizes the value of effective lead management and suggests automation as a solution to improve response times. Additionally, the discussion stresses the importance of reframing perceptions of lead management to prioritize high-quality leads.

Quality Control and Leveraged Time

Quality checks and walk-throughs for new prospects are identified as crucial tasks, requiring attention to detail and consistency. Mike emphasizes the distinction between leveraged and unleveraged time, highlighting the importance of focusing on activities that yield long-term benefits. Leveraged activities, such as sales and marketing, are emphasized for their potential to generate recurring revenue.


In conclusion, the podcast addresses common challenges faced by cleaning company owners and provides actionable insights to overcome them. By reframing perceptions, adopting proactive approaches, and prioritizing leveraged activities, owners can optimize their time and resources for sustainable growth. The conversation encourages a shift towards solution-oriented thinking and emphasizes the value of maintaining a positive mindset amidst challenge
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