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Episode 642

Knowing Your Worth and Having Tenacity as an Owner to Grow Your Company: Episode 642


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Episode 642 – Knowing Your Worth and Having Tenacity as an Owner to Grow Your Company

Hey Cleaning Nation! Today we have a special guest, Justin Paulus with us. He just started his business and has a full time job. On top of all of that, he also has a painting business and is in our Elite program. Today he is going to talk about mindset shifts he made that helped his business grow.

Why Justin Started his Cleaning Business

Justin started a painting business while having a full time job. One day he got into a motorcycle accident and even though his business was helping him, he soon noticed that his independent contractors were trying to take his business. His accident made him realize that having a business that could bring in income when he couldn’t work was extremely important. This is when he decided to start a cleaning business. After joining the Elite program, he knew that he needed to hire employees and hire them fast.

Justin’s Mindset

Once Justin stopped being able to paint and started his cleaning business, he made a huge mindset shift. At the beginning he didn’t believe that he could hire people in the cleaning industry. A lot of people have a similar mindset around hiring in their business. Justin was extremely coachable and because of that he began to kick out the negative beliefs and bring in positive beliefs. One of the shifts was the tenacity to not give up on the process.

Changes Justin Made

When Justin started out he was scared to reach out to people. This fear caused him to give quotes for less than he was worth. This held him back from growing mentally and creating success in his business. He understood that his limitations were in his mind and if he didn’t change this mindset he couldn’t change his life. Something that helped him tremendously with this was finding a community of people who were achieving what he wanted to achieve. He started to learn tips and tricks from others which gave him huge motivation and started to take away his fears. By releasing his fears his business started to grow more and more each day.

Justin’s Thoughts so Far

When Justin started in the Elite program he was nervous to speak to people in person so that was a big focus to get him started. Even though we don’t teach door to door sales, it was an important step to getting over his fears. This wasn’t his favorite part of the program but in the end helped him grow a lot in his mindset and business. His favorite part of the program so far was creating and implementing his core values. His core values brought him the right people into his circle and business. Having the right people in your life can boost your confidence just by associating with them.

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