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Episode 964

Know Your Goal Before Your Niche: Episode 964


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Episode 964
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Episode 964 – Know Your Goal Before Your Niche

In this episode, Mike interviewed Erica Norris, the founder of Texas Golden Brooms, a successful cleaning company. During their conversation, they touched upon various aspects of the cleaning business, including Erica’s journey into the industry and her current challenges. In this blog post, we will summarize the key points discussed and explore the importance of choosing the right niche for success in the cleaning business.

Finding a Niche:
Erica shared her dilemma of finding a niche for her business expansion into Dallas, Texas. She had been focusing on property management and post-construction cleaning, which were two distinct areas. While these segments were helping her find clients easily, they weren’t her preferred choice. Erica sought advice on how to identify the right niche for her business.

Understanding Goals:
Mike emphasized the significance of understanding one’s goals before selecting a niche. Merely aiming to grow as much as possible is not a specific enough objective. It’s essential to determine the desired revenue and profit levels within a defined timeframe. This clarity allows for a more strategic approach to selecting the niche that aligns with those goals.

Quality Over Quantity:
Mike shared a valuable analogy to illustrate the importance of choosing the right customers. He likened it to choosing a life partner. Just like selecting a mate based on convenience or availability might lead to unsatisfactory outcomes, picking clients solely based on ease of acquisition can be detrimental to the quality and scalability of a business. Instead, the focus should be on attracting the ideal customers who align with the long-term vision and goals.

Know Your Market:
Mike encouraged Erica to consider the vast potential within her current market in Midland and Odessa. By narrowing down her target audience to the top 10% of households or businesses, she could focus on delivering exceptional service to a more select and valuable clientele. It’s crucial to understand the market dynamics and opportunities within your existing reach before expanding to new areas.

Define Your Desired Lifestyle:
To make an informed decision about the niche, Mike advised Erica and all aspiring cleaning entrepreneurs to envision the life they want to live. It involves not just monetary aspirations but also specific details like the type of house, the monthly income required, and personal preferences. By breaking down the desired lifestyle into tangible goals, it becomes easier to determine the level of growth and the number of clients needed to achieve that lifestyle.

Selecting the right niche is a critical step in building a successful cleaning business. It requires a clear understanding of goals, a focus on quality over quantity, and a deep knowledge of the market. By aligning the chosen niche with long-term objectives and visualizing the desired lifestyle, cleaning entrepreneurs can make informed decisions that lead to sustainable growth and fulfillment in their business ventures. Remember, success lies not just in the size of the business but in the quality of the customers served.

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