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Episode 490

KNOW it Will Work for You: Episode 490: Mike Campion Live


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Episode 490 – KNOW it Will Work for You

Have you found yourself in the following dilemma? You KNOW you need help, but you are afraid “It won’t work for you”. You keep walking around in the dark and NOT living your dream until you finally give up or are forced to give up. Today we’re going to talk about how to move from these types of beliefs that are holding you back to beliefs that can better serve you to grow.

False Belief: It will work itself out

If you keep doing what you have been doing, you will keep getting the same results that you have been getting. If you’re committed to getting results and are willing change, only then will you will be successful. “It will work itself out” when you try to do something different!

False Belief: My circumstance is different

If you do what successful people do and think how successful people think, you will BE A SUCCESSFUL PERSON! An important overlooked aspect and key word here is “think”. A lot of people will emulate the “doing” part of successful people’s actions, but rarely do they learn to THINK like a successful person!

False Belief: I’m broke, don’t have time, ugly, blah blah blah so I can’t succeed

The committed people ALWAYS find a way! Instead of having excuses and giving up, they’ll think more along the lines of “Because I am broke, I will have to do X” or “Because I don’t have time, I REALLY need a system, etc”. Successful people don’t think “Because I am broke, I will never be able to grow my business”, they get RESOURCEFUL and put in the extra effort.

False Belief: Everyone out there is a scam and trying to sell me crap

Here’s the reality:

  • SOME people are a scam and trying to sell you crap 
  • You STILL need help even if this is true  
  • It’s not JUST “does this work?” it’s will YOU work it  
  • Are you ready?
  • Is this the RIGHT person/system for you?
  • YOU CAN’T give up just because some people suck and/or some stuff doesn’t work

Here’s the thing: They’re all “scams” if you don’t do the work. The reality is there’s a lot of work. Shift your mindset from external blaming (“everyones a scam”) to internal focus (“this is on me to figure out and take responsibility of”).

False Belief: I’ll just do “research” 11 hours/ day on YouTube and it will magically happen

It will happen when you DECIDE it will happen!!  Some people use research as an excuse not to move forward.

False Belief: I tried it before and it didn’t work, so it won’t work this time

You can’t give up the first, second or 100th time if you REALLY want to succeed. Winston Churchill sums it up best in this famous quote:  “Success is going from failure to failure without losing enthusiasm”.  Another thing is – YOU have to be ready! Some of our best students waited years before they called me. They always wish they had called earlier, but the reality is that it’s more important to call when you are ready. Have you DECIDED you are ready NOW?

Once you are all in committed, you understand your circumstances are NOT excuses, and DECIDE that today is the day- nothing will stop you!

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