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Episode 512

Kaki Cleaning Company Success: Episode 512: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 512 – Kaki Cleaning Company Success

Today we speak with Kaki Burns, a recent Clean Profit Elite Alumni and a brand new member of Next Level. Mike points out that if GMCC gave out an award for most growth as a human being, Kaki would definitely win it. Let’s dive into Kaki’s story!

A little background on Kaki:

Kaki and her business are located in Philadelphia, PA. She started her business in June of 2018. Kaki found out about Mike and GMCC through the podcast. She started to listen to Mike while she was cleaning and everything he said struck a chord with her.

Where her business was at when he started with GMCC:

When she started the Clean Profit Program, she was working 7 days a week and super long days. Kaki really needed help figuring out why she was still struggling to make it at the end of every month. At the same time, she had to turn business away, since she was so busy. She had a wait list of clients!

Making the mindset shift from worker bee to business owner:

When Mike started coaching Kaki, he noticed right away that she was working so hard and stuck in the mindset of being a “worker bee” instead of a business owner. The first mindset shift necessary for her was to get out of the trap of having to do all the cleaning as the owner, and into the mindset of taking the time to work on growing the business.  Kaki began to realize that she needed to know her numbers more. She found that in reality, it was costing her money to be doing all the cleaning as the owner. Kaki was literally “paying to play”. Her cost of her goods sold for example was over 100% and she could not make money this way.

Putting this new mindset into action was SUPER scary at first…

Kaki knew she had to raise her prices, but she was TERRIFIED at first. She was so afraid of losing clients, but when she saw her numbers, she realized she wasn’t even making enough money to be take care of HERSELF and her business. She realized she shouldn’t be afraid to be honest with her clients. If they left her and weren’t a good fit, it was okay because she was paying to work for them. Kaki found out after raising her prices that, 1) she didn’t lose as many clients as she expected and, 2) it ended up being really important to herself to see that her value and the services her business offered were most important.

Kaki and her business nowadays:

Kaki’s business has grown from 1 to 3 cleaners. She cut her hours working in the business down from 80-90 hours a week and is now down to 10 hours a week cleaning. She went from crying in the shower because of her fears of raising prices, to overcoming her fear and raising her prices and growing her business!

Kaki’s key takeaways:

  • If the business owner is out in the field, they’re not able to grow their business. There’ other people that can do the work, and providing people with work helps us to give back to our communities. The service is the most important thing – not Kaki as a cleaner. Kaki knows she can make a bigger impact as a business owner.
  • Kaki also realized that when her leadership ability increased, her team was able to step up as well. As individuals, her employees could take more pride in what they were doing. They didn’t have to rely on Kaki and grew as well.

*special episode note: Special Coronavirus Episode mentioned:

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