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Episode 976

Just Do It: Overcoming Procrastination and Embracing Success: Episode 976


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episode 976
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Episode 976 – ust Do It: Overcoming Procrastination and Embracing Success


In this episode, Mike Campion and Suzanne Bandick discuss the importance of taking action and adopting a “just do it” mindset in order to achieve business success. They explore the consequences of procrastination and the benefits of embracing discomfort to propel personal and professional growth. This blog post summarizes their conversation and highlights key insights about the power of decisive action.

Recognizing the Need for Action:

The hosts begin by urging listeners to identify the tasks or actions they have been putting off in their businesses. They emphasize that these are often the activities that challenge individuals or lie outside their comfort zones. By acknowledging these tasks, listeners can engage more deeply with the podcast’s content.

The Cost of Inaction:

Suzanne points out that not taking action carries emotional and psychological costs. Stress, anxiety, and a sense of being overwhelmed can arise from avoiding necessary tasks. She encourages listeners to realize that they don’t have to accept this state of being and that change is possible.

The Mindset of Successful Business Owners:

The hosts highlight the mindset of million-dollar business owners who simply “do it.” These individuals have a clear vision of their goals and are willing to tackle uncomfortable tasks head-on. They contrast this with average business owners who often procrastinate, prolonging their stress and hindering progress.

Overcoming Fear and Discomfort:

Mike shares a personal story about how waiting to fulfill a speaking engagement caused unnecessary stress and prevented him from fully enjoying his time leading up to it. He emphasizes that the pain and anxiety leading up to a task are often far greater than the actual discomfort experienced when doing it.

The Relief of Taking Action:

Suzanne adds that the feeling of success and accomplishment after completing a task far outweighs the initial fear or discomfort. She encourages listeners to recognize that the more they practice taking action, the easier and more fulfilling it becomes. Taking that first step is crucial, as it initiates a positive cycle of action and achievement.

The High Cost of Not Knowing:

Mike raises the heartbreaking scenario where individuals know what they need to do but choose to stay stuck in their current situation. He compares it to staying in a bad relationship, clinging to the familiar misery instead of embracing the possibility of change and growth. Suzanne echoes his sentiments and emphasizes the importance of breaking habitual patterns that no longer serve one’s goals.

Challenging Habits and Embracing Change:

The hosts stress the need to question habitual behaviors that hinder progress. They encourage listeners to consider whether their current approach serves them or if it’s time to adopt the mindset of successful entrepreneurs who prioritize action over indecisiveness.


In this podcast episode, Mike Campion and Suzanne Vandyk inspire listeners to overcome procrastination and embrace a “just do it” mindset. They emphasize the benefits of taking action, overcoming fear and discomfort, and breaking free from habitual behaviors that impede progress. By stepping out of their comfort zones and embracing decisive action, individuals can achieve their business goals and experience the fulfillment that comes with it.
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