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Episode 813

Just Because Things Look Bleak Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Change: Episode 813


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Episode 813 – Just Because Things Look Bleak Doesn’t Mean They Can’t Change

Hi Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Nick Kesseru of Pioneer Commercial Cleaning. He and his wife started Pioneer Commercial Cleaning back in 2002 (20 years ago!) in Spokane, Washington. He and his wife started in residential cleaning originally and then saw the potential for commercial cleaning after they got their first bid and haven’t looked back. Listen in to a cleaning owner who has been through the ups and downs of owning this business for much longer than most of us.

When to Go all In and When to Pull Back

Covid was a rough time for Nick as it was for so many other cleaners. They were at a point where they had sold off a bunch of their clients and they just kept having trouble keeping employees. The combination of those two things had them thinking that maybe it was time to move on and do something else. During this time is when Nick found and started listening to Mike’s podcast and thought- maybe I just don’t know how to do this effectively on my own. Maybe it’s time to reach out to someone who knows how to do this well.

A Shift in Hiring

For the longest time, Nick was only hiring people he knew. So people who were referred to him who needed a job or family or friends. It made it difficult and they usually weren’t trained. Once he set up a system for hiring and started looking for people who are actually trained and excited, it made all the difference. Now they have 180-200 people a month who WANT to work for them. People who are excited about what they’re doing, are ready to work as a team and support each other. The entire culture changes.

Growth Started to Happen

What really started to make the difference was when Nick got clear on what they really represented as a business. Getting clear on their core values and their hiring system has allowed them to grow 600% in the past two years. They went from considering going out of business to having 15-17 solid employees, a great culture, and a growing business. They got the confidence to raise their prices and be confident that what they offered was worth what they were charging instead of being the cheapest in the area. This allowed them to significantly increase their profit and get the clients they want. 

Final Takeaway: With the right core values, hiring system, and support, you can take your business farther along than you ever will working endless hours and keeping prices low. 

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