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Janitorial Websites, SEO and Generating Leads...oh MY! Episode 182: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 182 – Janitorial Websites, SEO and Generating Leads...oh MY!

Janitorial Websites and the Secretes to More Leads for YOUR Cleaning Company
Episode 182 Susie Duncan of Two Ladies and a Bucket and John Ayers of
Welcome to part two of our blog/ podcast on janitorial websites, cleaning companies and how to make money with both! To recap, your favorite podcast host Mike is interviewing Susie Duncan, the proud owner of Two Ladies and a Bucket and John Ayers, owner of If you missed the first half and want to start from the beginning, CLICK HERE for part one.

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In the first half of this janitorial websites extravaganza, we focused on Two Ladies and a Bucket’s transformation from Susie’s perspective. Today, we hone in on John and his feedback on creating successful janitorial websites.

At the end of the day everyone is looking for more leads, more clients. They know people are searching online and they want to know how to get their attention. They’ve heard of this SEO thing and want to know how it works.

John typically starts with design. A lot of people don’t understand the impact of a well laid out and communicated janitorial website. One that builds your list while helping people relate to your business, your culture and your unique offering.

KEY POINT: This is a relationship business
The design is more important than people think. Some might say, yeah it looks like it’s straight from the 90’s but who cares?

It’s a huge deal.

If they come to your janitorial website and:

It’s cluttered and confusing
Full of links that go nowhere
Lot’s of text and not much white space
Your visitors are going right to the next cleaning company website.

Mike couldn’t agree more that if the site is confusing and is all about your company and why you are so amazing, your site may actually drive people AWAY in droves.

There are 3 major components to janitorial website design:

Physical website design (how it looks)
The content (videos, articles, podcasts)
Getting traffic to it
John starts with design usually because clients typically have a website already that may get a couple of leads. So redesigning it to maximize the traffic they are getting to it currently picks off the low hanging fruit.

The content works into that by communicating something compelling to the customer. The majority of cleaning companies have content that only speaks about how good they are and how they clean. Your website visitors are not interested in you and your company. They are interested in themselves and how you can help them- make their life better.

KEY POINT: Successful janitorial websites don’t talk about YOU- they talk about your visitor
One of the frustration Mike hears from owners he coaches is the folks they hire to create their janitorial websites create beautiful sites, but don’t know how to get traffic to them. Often they tell the owner of the cleaning company to create a bunch of content that owners just don’t have time to do.

It doesn’t matter how beautiful janitorial websites look if they don’t get any traffic. John explains how he and his company research the market, understand prospects pain and craft messaging that is compelling to your website visitor. Search engine optimization for janitorial websites is a constantly changing game and it is good to hire someone that understands that world and is constantly staying on top of the changes instead of trying to keep up yourself.

John also answers the question- “how long will it take to get results?”. Owners want to know when they will get a return on their investment. It typically takes John 4-6 weeks to get a website redone.

If you are working with a site that has been live for years and already has content, you are going to see results faster than a new domain name that google hasn’t already included in their search. Those people might consider creating more content to accelerate the process.

Mike and John also discuss the time and money commitments to create a janitorial website that gets results. The short answer is you don’t have to have a lot of time or a lot of money- but you will have to invest at least one of the two.

If you don’t have a lot of money, you can invest the time to learn how to create janitorial websites that are compelling to your visitors and to search engines as well as the content required. If you don’t have a lot of time, you can pay someone like John to supercharge the process and your results.

KEY POINT: No website is better than a poorly done website
Susie interjects with a question for John. Do reviews have anything to do with SEO? It’s really a collaborative effort. He can’t do much for reviews but she has done a great job with and it does help. Google maps, customer reviews, Facebook, Yelp… all those things contributes and are avenues of entry for more prospects to find your page. You never know how much google is going to use reviews in their ranking process but there’s a definite correlation.

Before the podcast ends, Mike gives John and Susie the opportunity to share final thoughts:

John final thoughts: SEO isn’t the same for everybody. There are different strategies or each client. It depends on how much time you can spend with them and work with the and where they are needed the most. Be careful when it comes to people out there marketing their SEO services. If you do go that route, there’s some serious harm that can happen if SEO isn’t done correctly.

Susie’s final thoughts: With working with John, it was part of the missing puzzle piece. It was about 3 years of stagnation and busting her butt and then connecting with you and John made it all come together.John started the SEO for her, she has seen great results for her company and is excited bout beginning the automation that Mike has been talking about all this time. Stick in there, listen to good advice and get it done.

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