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Episode 234

Janitorial Software Simplifying Your Day to Day Operations: Episode 234: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 234 – Janitorial Software Simplifying Your Day to Day Operations

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How Swept can help your cleaning business Part 2
As a reminder, we are speaking with Michael Brown from Swept for the second part of the podcast! Swept is a one of a kind software that is currently helping cleaning companies from around the world increase clientele and retain happy employees with the many tools that the owners have developed with all of us in mind!

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It is not only important to tell your employees they are appreciated and that you understand how vital they are to the company but to physically show that your care and appreciate them, they deserved to be celebrated.

With the Swept software, it has the capability to add and share photos, which is a great bonus for everyone involved. In having this option, there are many ways that various owners and employees are making the most of this tool and having fun with it! The photo sharing option provides a great, fun way to interact internally. For example; one owner and current user of the Swept software for his cleaning business has taken a red Lego piece, put it in various locations where the cleaners should find while cleaning the office, home, etc. and offered a five-dollar gift card to whoever finds the Lego piece. This is showing that even though you can not be onsite with your cleaners at all times there is still a way that you can be engaged with them and have fun! Which is just one of the many ways that Swept can be utilized to overall improve your business, attitude amongst cleaners and the atmosphere in which they work in.

It comes down to creating an experience for your employees. Everyone will be paying the same but when you have great core values like Mikes: have fun, make money, be real, and help out, employees are less likely to look for another job and it also contributes to creating a great work environment.

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It’s not the technology that’s magic it’s knowing who you are, what your core values are, having a plan, and then using all of the tools at your disposal like this technology to take your business to the next level and demonstrate it to the customer. It’s so much more compelling to come to potential clients with a tool that you have invested in and be able to prove how you manage and engage with your cleaners rather than just talk about it. It is not about the money you pay employees, it’s about making them feel special and that they are a part of something special. As an owner you have to make it clear not only to everyone in the company but customers as well that cleaners are number one. Once you do that and put your employees in a position that serves them best, they are going to be in the best possible position to do a great job and feel great about what they are doing.

With Swept you are going to get a full customer success team to help guide you through swept to help you get familiar with the product. Swept also has a free tool about how to hire employees located at  The website includes a one-minute video which will help to save you hours when hiring cleaners. The video explains how to weave out the bad potential employees and guides you in the right direction as to how to go about the hiring process.

As an added bonus to Cleaning Nation listeners, Swept has offered to waive the signup fee which is valued at $250! You can obtain this special offer by going to, sign up for the demo, and put in the notes that you are coming to Swept from the cleaning nation podcast!

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