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Episode 159

Janitorial Software Integration Made Simple: Episode 159: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 159 – Janitorial Software Integration Made Simple

Episode 159 Cheryl from Chronotek
Use Janitorial Software to Effectively Manage Your Remote Employees
This is the much anticipated continuation of last week’s podcast on how to use janitorial software to grow YOUR cleaning company. Mike continues his conversation with Cheryl from Chronotek. Chronotek has been a leading provider of janitorial software for over twenty years!

Mike and Cheryl have already covered WHAT you need to track and HOW your need to track it in part 1 of this conversation- you can get that HERE.

In today’s post/ blog, Mike and Cheryl discuss how to integrate two crucial janitorial software programs- Chronotek and Quickbooks.

FUN FACT: When it comes to accounting virtually every one of Mike’s clients uses Quickbooks.
Chronotek works well with Quickbooks and even has a fancy interface that allows both pieces of janitorial software to work together seamlessly on the desktop version of Quickbooks. If you are using the online version of Quickbooks, Chronotek should fully integrate with that in the first quarter of 2017.

Until then, you might have to do a little extra data entry for the online version, but on the desktop version you can just push a button and transfer all of your time cards to Quickbooks!

This is exciting because it gives you all of the hours worked and the ability to get that information by time period or customer. Now you can KNOW exactly how much each customer costs you in labor.

The problem Mike runs into with his private clients and janitorial software is integration. So many owners of cleaning companies have tried different janitorial software only to give up after a couple of months.

KEY POINT: Most janitorial software failures aren’t because they don’t work. It’s because they are hard to set up!

Cheryl assures Mike and Cleaning Nation that she has never had a problem getting someone set up with Chronotek.

The key to implementing any new janitorial software is to get it set up in stages.

There are a ton of bells and whistles that you will be tempted to start using right away. Cheryl encourages you to start with the basics and take it one step at a time.

She explains the best way to set up employee tracking janitorial software is to keep it simple. The first step is to go to www.Chronotek.netto sign up for a FREE trial.They will email you an account and code and tell you how to log in.

Mike explains how he LOVES vendors and janitorial software companies that offer free trials. Typically they can do this because they KNOW that their product or software works!

Next, set up your employees and customers. This should take less than a minute each. So if you have less than 60 customers/ employees, less than an hour.

NOTE: If you are a large cleaning company with hundreds of employees, there is an import feature to help you
Finally, show your employees how to clock in and out. They can either call a toll free number from the clients location or use a free app. Either way it’s one call or one click. Like we talked about in the last episode be very careful of employees that won’t adopt janitorial software to track their time.

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Even just five or ten years ago, it took tons of time and money to be able to track employee labor costs properly. With the janitorial software available today, there is absolutely NO excuse NOT to track your key numbers!

Mike has explained before that every business only has THREE things it must do:

Sell your product or service
Provide your product or service
Account for everything
With janitorial software like Quickbooks and Chronotek, you can handle one of those three things. This will free up time to focus on much more fun activities like getting customers and providing services.

Cheryl ends by explaining that they have a team of people with corporate and small business experience to help you use janitorial software to grow YOUR cleaning company! When you call Chronotek, you will get a real live person in the United States to help you get the most value out of their janitorial software.

The best part is, you get FULL, FREE support even during your free trial! Whatever janitorial software you choose to use, make sure that you ARE tracking your key numbers.

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Last but certainly not least- engage in the community! Mike LOVES hearing from Cleaning Nation and will personally respond to any question or comment on janitorial software or any other topic related to growing YOUR cleaning company!

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