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Episode 096

Janitorial Marketing : Episode 096 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 096 – Janitorial Marketing

Janitorial Marketing
Today Mike coaches Lecia Fall of Tip Top Commercial Cleaning on how to pick a niche for your commercial cleaning company.

What does that have to do with Janitorial Marketing you ask? Everything! Your message, your equipment, how you attract your customers all depend on your audience.

If you don’t know who you are speaking to, you aren’t going to be able to effectively communicate your message to them and let’s be honest, marketing isn’t cheap, so if you’re going to do it, you better have it drilled down!

Back to picking your niche, first and foremost you need to know your goals. Ask yourself, where you need to be?

Do you want to grow fast? Not work weekends or nights? What do you have affinity towards?

BONUS TIP: Pick one niche and stick to it for at least 6 months, ideally 12.

Decide if the niche that you want is going to meet your goals in the first 24 months.

If you need 1-3 niches to reach your goals, that’s ok, but if you need 12 niches to meet your financial goal then it isn’t going to serve you.

BONUS TIP: There are free online tools to figure out if there are enough customers in that niche in your working area.

You can go to Info USA and figure out if there are enough people. You can also go back to these resources when you’re ready to start your Janitorial Marketing campaign.

Keep in mind you are never going to get 100% of those people, 10% is much more of a reasonable percentage to assume you can attract to your business.

Give yourself a year to acquire those customers with good targeted Janitorial Marketing.

Next you want to do the math to see if it makes sense:

So let’s say you are going to go after lawyers offices for half your business and your goal is $500,000/year, you need to be able to generate $250,000/year from that niche.

The next step is to call 10-20 offices and ask them and ask them what they pay for cleaning service. You will likely get an average number you can assume is true.

If they say it’s $1,000 a month then you know you need 20 of those accounts to reach your goal.

Now if you can assume that 10% is a fair number from that niche to attract to your business that means you would need 200 lawyer’s offices in your area for that niche to work for you.

Let’s recap the whole process:

The first piece is financially, will this niche meet my goals? Is there enough money in it to make it worth your time and effort?

Second- is this going to meet my lifestyle goals? Do you not want to work nights and weekends? Then commercial might not be for you. Even if you aren’t doing the work yourself, your crews will be and as the owner, you will probably end up having to deal with issues that come up on nights and weekends from time to time.

Third – does this niche have people you want to work with in it? Are you going to personally enjoy working with those people and do they have the money to pay for your services.

Bonus question: Do the people in that niche see the value in your services?

Trying to reinvent the wheel and “sell” people on the benefit of your services before even getting to why you are the right vendor is way too many sales. Make it easy for yourself!

Finally Lecia lights it up in the Lightning round
Whatever you decide to do in life, have a vision of it before you even start on that path.
Don’t wait to start, just do it!
Whatever you set out to do, have a plan and a vision.

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