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Episode 029

Janitorial Marketing: Episode 029: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 029 – Janitorial Marketing

Janitorial Marketing
Want to know how Pay Per Click (PPC) works with your janitorial marketing plan?

Get your hot fresh Pay Per Click loving as Mike Campion and Ed Stapleton from Clicks Geek talk about marketing your janitorial company with paid traffic. We talk Google, Bing, Facebook, Yahoo and ALL the good stuff in the paid traffic/ janitorial marketing universe.

In this short interview, you will discover Google Adwords ads work so much better than their Facebook counterparts. HINT: It all comes down to a magic little phrase “customer intent”. The fun doesn’t stop there, we also explore which paid traffic sources are cheaper and why…

Listen in on marketing genius as we explain things like interruption marketing and direct response marketing and how they relate to your cleaning company marketing.

Find out how to do this wrong and cost yourself a ton of money and be another “marketing doesn’t work for me” casualty.

Discover mistakes owners of janitorial and maid companies make when they market and how that plays out in the Pay Per Click space and see how you can steer clear of that train wreck.

BONUS LOVIN: Get Mike’s simple formula to determine YOUR Janitorial Marketing Budget

Ever hear the term “negative keywords” and wonder what the big deal is? This is one of the times where what you don’t know CAN hurt you- find out what they are and how you can use them to get more for your PPC buck.

Just when you think you have all of the marketing genius you can handle, Mike and Ed cover how to write an ad that actually gets people to click

HINT: If you are not joining the conversation already going on in their mind, you are NOT getting full value out of your marketing

We cover online/ offline/ paid/ organic- all manner of things you want to know about marketing your cleaning company- if you are looking to market your janitorial, commercial or residential cleaning company, this is a must listen!

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How are you possibly still reading and NOT listening to the show?? Ok, you asked for it, here are even MORE things you will discover in today’s epidose:

The proper way to create a blog page
How to set a daily budget
Why titles are important and how to do it
How to limit your ad spend to your service area
We also talk about why you DON’T want to send paid traffic to your website and more importantly where you DO want to send them and WHY.

HINT: It will cut down on wasted ad budget and skyrocket your conversions- i.e. people doing what you want them to do!

As we near the end of the show we cover a HUGE concept of creating extremely SPECIFIC messages to SPECIFIC audiences and how it can cost you to tell your residential prospects about how amazing you are at commercial work and confuse your property manager customers with a message for warehouse owners.

You will also learn why a solid sales system is necessary to handle the leads and prospects your paid traffic campaign brings in.

Finally, find out why, in today’s marketplace PPC is almost NOT optional if you are looking to be a player in your market- even if you don’t use it, your competition will be and you can’t afford not to be where your prospects are searching.

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