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Episode 026

Janitorial Hiring: Episode 026: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 026 – Janitorial Hiringampion LIVE

Janitorial Cleaning
Janitorial hiring, the Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast and Cathy Patterson from Allied Cleaning Service- it’s a match made in heaven and you’re invited!
First we chat up Cathy and hear her story and then we get into the good stuff around hiring for your janitorial company, no shows, and all sorts of stuff in the middle- check it out!

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“It’s me… I’m not gonna make it today…” Every cleaning company owners worst nightamre, assuming they even call in! Few things in our business are worse than last minute no shows or no call/ no shows. If you hate them as much as the rest of the known universe, check out today’s show as we talk about:

How to build a show up every time, on time environment

When they call in- it’s already too late… Way too late…
What ads have to do with employees showing up
What no show’s have to do with your Core Values
Why trying to change employees doesn’t work and how to attract the right ones from the start
Why a paycheck isn’t enough to get the best people anymore
How to be consistent and not let employees make you crazy
Why turnover is such a BIG DEAL in the cleaning business
You will also discover how NO tolerance across the board is the quickest way to get rid of no call/ no show nonsense and how to integrate that attitude start to finish from janitorial hiring to janitorial firing.

BONUS: When an employee calls in or just doesn’t show up- even if you don’t do anything you are making a statement

Don’t fool yourself into thinking “If I just let this one slide…” or “I will handle this no call later” or the fan favorite “I CAN’T fire THAT employee- I NEED him/ her”. It might feel ok in the moment, but it WILL come back to haunt you.

BONUS: Hiring cleaning employees is a PROCESS- don’t treat it like an event

SUM IT UP: No call, no show-NO job- NO EXCEPTIONS!

Right before the Lightening Round Mike shares a couple of decade experience in hiring and firing and how he has never experienced feeling like he fired too quickly, but often regretted not parting ways sooner. The time between when you KNOW you should fire someone and you actually fire them (or they finally quit), costs TOO MUCH in money, heart ache and headache- don’t fall for it!

Lightening Round wisdom from Cathy
Never cheat or take shortcuts
ALWAYS do background checks on employees
Check on your people
Go above and beyond. Always
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