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Episode 062

ISSA: Episode 062: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 062 – ISSA with Hanna Kennedy

Welcome Cleaning Nation! If you are here, you most likely heard our awesome episode with Hannah with the ISSA and are looking for your AMAZING Grow My Cleaning Company Discount.

You are in the right place! There are TWO discounts available to you as a member of Cleaning Nation
$325 Membership (this is like half off depending on what type of company you have.
STEEP discount on this years event in Chicago (Mike is gonna be there and looking to connect with Cleaning Nation at the Linkedin Reception!! Registration hasn’t opened yet, but Hannah said she was going to hook us up anyway!
So… how do you get your discount? Just email the ladies below, tell them you are a Grow My Cleaning Company Podcast listener and they will hook you UP!

Hope to see you at the event this year!!

Click Here to Email Lisa
Click Here to Email Hanna

Here are those emails

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