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Episode 526

Is YOUR Website Growing Your Cleaning Company? Episode 526: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 526
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Episode 526 – Is YOUR Website Growing Your Cleaning Company?

Either you have a website, but it’s not generating leads, or you don’t have one and you don’t want to waste a bunch of time and money on something that won’t grow your cleaning company. The thing is, your online presence is saying A LOT about you whether you like it or not… even if you choose not to enter the conversation. Today we’re going to explore a bunch of false assumptions we hear all the time in Cleaning Nation!

False Belief: All of my customers come from referrals so I don’t need a website.

If you are happy with your growth, know 100% it will never stop, and don’t care what the world says or thinks about your company, you absolutely don’t need a website . However even if you are getting referrals, are you confident they will always keep coming in?

False Belief: People come to my website to learn about my company and what we do.

People come to your website to SOLVE a problem. They do NOT care about YOU.

  • Talk about THEIR favorite subject (HINT: It’s the opposite of YOU)
  • Do an “I/ you” count on your website. Ideally you want less “I”s and “We”s and make it more about THEM. For example “We’re a cleaning company” vs “You’re looking to feel good when you come home and not have to worry about cleaning up!”

False Belief: My website is awesome.

It’s REALLY IMPORTANT you are CLEAR on how you are judging your website.

  • If the goal of your website is to make you “look professional”, maybe it is awesome.
  • If the goal of your website is to convert lookers into leads, the only way to judge is what percentage of visitors take some sort of action.
  • Track visitors using tools like Google analytics and see how many of those became leads.

False Belief: I should tell people to “call now for a free estimate”.

Less than 1% are going to do that and those people are likely going to call either way. 

  • Make an offer that 10 or 20 or 30% of your visitors will say yes to so you can continue the conversation.
  • A free estimate is a third or fourth date offer- start with something simple.
  • Give them some value for free! For example, you could make a “10 Ways to Make House Cleaning Easier” guide as a free, downloadable PDF.

False Belief: The more pages on my website, the better.

The reality is- the more ACTION you get your visitors to take the better. Less choices = More action!

False Belief: The more information I give on my website the better.

Actually, try thinking “The more value I bring to them, the faster they reach out to me for help.” The magic formula is: Stranger→ Know/ Like/ Trust → Reach out for bid → Customer

Once you move from brochure to funnel you can have more customers than you can handle getting to know, like, and trust you so they reach out to YOU when they are ready to buy and you can give up chasing and begging forever!

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