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Episode 952

Improving Client Communication & Networking Success Tips: Episode 952


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Improving Client Communication & Networking Success Tips
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Episode 952 – Improving Client Communication & Networking Success Tips

In this episode, Mike coaches two Next Level Clients on excellent topics. First up is Irvin who wants to know the best way to stay in touch and communicate with his clients.

Staying in touch with current clients is essential in preventing them from leaving, and Mike coaches that there are various ways to achieve this. Firstly, quarterly or bi-weekly meetings are crucial in keeping clients. Additionally, monthly parties are a great way to invite clients and strengthen the relationship between them and the company. Quarterly reviews keep the culture going for the internal team and the external clients. Having a standardized contact flow is also essential to keep clients engaged. This flow should be broken down by the frequency of contact, with weekly or bi-weekly cleans being optimal for commercial clients. For clients with lower frequency contact, a standardized process should still be in place, such as checking their account twice a month and conducting site visits quarterly.

When signing up new clients, they should be informed of the contact frequency and standardized process that will be in place. Providing clients with a clear outline of what to expect will build their trust and make them feel secure in the relationship with the company. Opting in or out of feedback is also a great way to personalize the process for the clients.

Next up on the podcast is Danielle who wants to know if Mike thinks BNI groups are worth it.

Mike coaches that the first mistake people make is not being clear about who their perfect prospect is. It’s not just about attending events with other business owners; it’s about finding the right people who could benefit from your services or products. Mike suggests taking the time to identify the specific human being you want to meet, not just the company they work for. Once you know who you want to meet, make sure the group you’re attending is full of those individuals, not just anyone who happens to be a business owner.

The second mistake people make is not being consistent. They attend events sporadically and don’t see immediate results, so they give up. Mike advises picking one group and committing to it fully. Attend every meeting, volunteer for committees, and get involved in any way possible to become visible to other members. It takes time and effort, but eventually, you’ll build a network of people who know and trust you, leading to more business opportunities.

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