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Episode 218

How Your Cleaning Company Can Grow and Benefit from Cleaning for a Reason: Episode 218: Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 218 – How Your Cleaning Company Can Grow and Benefit from Cleaning for a Reason

Act On Your Core Values
How Your Cleaning Company Can Benefit From Participating in Cleaning For A Reason
Today Mike finishes his talk with Debbie Sardone of Cleaning For A Reason, a non-profit that provides women who have cancer with free house cleaning. The non-profit started in 2006 and has now helped more than 1200 companies serve over 25,000 women. Here’s why your cleaning company should get involved.

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As a cleaning nation member you know how important it is to have core values, and to stick to them. Participating with your cleaning company in Cleaning For A Reason is a great way to walk your talk. You’ll be able to help your community, and reap some great PR in the process.

KEY POINT: It’s An Easy Way To Make A Difference
When you first sign up to be a part of Cleaning for a Reason there is no startup fee. The only requirement is that your cleaning company has been in business for at least one year, or has an EIN. Those are pretty easily-met qualifications. You’ll be able to start helping your community right away.

Not everyone has the time to create a charity. After all, you have a business to run. However, as a cleaning company you probably want to give back, but just don’t know how to do it. Cleaning for a reason is the best of both worlds- your cleaning company will get to serve your community, but won’t have to reinvent the wheel.

KEY POINT: You Can Control How Much You Invest Into This Charity
What’s really cool about this program is that cleaning business owners can control how much they donate. You are able to pledge what you think you can handle.

The threshold is very minimal. The organization expects each cleaning company that signs up to take on two patients a month, plus a 20 dollar monthly pledge which covers a ton of marketing.

For your money you will receive press releases that you are participating, brochures to hand out, the ability to use the Cleaning For a Reason logo, and tons of marketing exposure. A small cleaning company may serve 2 cancer patients a month, while a large company may serve 10.

KEY POINT: Participating in Cleaning For A Reason Will Bring In Better Employees
Cleaning companies are always competing for talent and employees. Participating in a unique and helpful charity will help you create an experience that workers can’t get anywhere else. Now they can participate in something bigger than themselves, and feel that at work they are valued and needed. What better way to show the community your core values?

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The biggest problem in this industry is finding workers who want to continue working. Debbie has had her own cleaning company employees who have heard about the service and want to work for this specific company just because they love the idea of Cleaning For A Reason. Maybe their mother had cancer, or sister had cancer and they want to be a part of this. It’s not really about the money; it’s about how the job makes you feel as a person.

Many of your employes may not be able to afford to write a large check for charity, but when they experience the feeling of a job well done, hugging a cancer patient, and being told they made a difference they will leave feeling completely enriched. You are creating long term loyal employees.

Plus, the work is a great indicator of who is and isn’t right for your team. In interviews you can bring up your work with Cleaning For A Reason. If they are excited about the project they may be a great fit at your cleaning company.

KEY POINT: You’ll Gain Tons Of Exposure
Cleaning For A Reason sends new participating cleaning companies a whole packet of materials to help them market their new relationship.

Companies that get involved immediately tend to gain great exposure and growth. This is a great way to get your employees involved. Make sure to hand out Cleaning For A reason paraphernalia, send letters to your customers, and tell all your friends and colleagues. You’ll be able to create incredible buzz and exposure, elevate your brand, and serve lots of people.

A lot of businesses get so busy that the only time they send a letter to their customers is with a rate raise. Send a letter on pink paper, making a wonderful announcement about your partnership with Cleaning For A Reason and you’re sure to get an awesome response.

Cleaning For A Reason also holds monthly tele-seminars. The seminars are centered around getting the word out and how to get great exposure from this work. You’ll learn how to hold fundraisers, how to get your story told in the community, and 10 ways you can get great PR and leverage in your community that really stands out.

KEY POINT: Janitorial Services Can Get Involved Too
If you aren’t a home cleaning company you can still get involved. Commercial janitorial companies have seen the potential and found creative ways to participate. If you don’t have residential cleaning staff you can donate for as low as $600 a year, and become an official sponsor. With this sponsorship you will be granted the privilege of using their logo.

Many cleaning company owners have have been featured on TV. They are creating public good will, and including the certificate for participation in all of their bid proposals. When you present a story about why you participate you’ll be able to win bids. The person making the decision will relate to the cause and want to contribute. Stand out with a message of, “we give back to the community!”

Your cleaning company will grow, and you’ll be able to stand up for your core-values when you participate in Cleaning For A Reason.

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