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Episode 630

How to Work with Family in and ON Your Cleaning Business: Episode 630


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Episode 630 – How to Work with Family in and ON Your Cleaning Business

Hey Cleaning Nation! I am here with Alex and Tammy Kalis. In 1995 they opened Cleaning Fanatics in Michigan. They started doing residential and a little bit of commercial but are now completely commercial. A fun fact about them is that they are in our Next Level program so they will have some unique insight for you. They are also a family company and even their kids have worked with them!

Team Kalis’s Story

When Tammy and her mother started the business she was a mother of two. They began with residential cleaning but soon after the business started, her mother moved south to retire. Tammy decided she was going to continue the business by herself and hired a good friend to work with her. Then Tammy and her husband started growing their family again. Tammy joked that everytime she got pregnant her husband would give her maternity leave and take a bigger role in the business. Five children later he is fully in the business. As they got bigger they decided to take on some commercial clients. When they decided to really grow their business to the next level, Chris, Alex, and Tammy got in contact with us and decided to join the program. Through the program Tammy realized that she wasn’t just a cleaner but a business owner.

The Big Change

My favorite change I have seen in team Kalis is the realization that they are super strong in the belief that they bring massive value to their clients. The change that Tammy saw in herself was the belief that it was all her to trusting her employees. She stopped babysitting her employees and gave them the room and trust to do a good job. Alex feels that through the program they all realized they needed to be working on instead of in the business if they wanted to really grow.

How the New Systems Attracted More Clients.

Changing the attitude of allowing their clients to be “their boss” to basing their clients on their core values brought them a better environment to work in. Not only did this mindset shift make them happier but it also gave them clients who were willing to work with them on the same level of respect. Another huge change they made was investing in ads with our Facebook expert, Jackson. It took them about two months to find a good client but also got a ton of great data to find future clients.

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