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Episode 733

How To Work With Family and Still Like Them!: Episode 733


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Episode 733 – How To Work With Family and Still Like Them!

Welcome Cleaning Nation! Today on the podcast, we have Lindsay Bjorklund, our client happiness manager and our in house team member who is our mindset jedi, Yoda- all things star wars. However you want to say it, she is amazing and she is here today to talk about how to deal with partnership drama. Whether you run your business with your spouse, a friend or a colleague, you are bound to have issues come up from time to time. Listen in to here the best way to handle these issues when they come up, and how to come out with a relationship still intact.

What is Something You Can Do to Avoid These Issues Before They Start?

The first step you need to take to avoid this problem in the first place, is to assign specific roles to each business partner. Sit down, split the business into different divisions and put someone in charge of each division. If there are two of you, divide them between the two of you in a way that makes sense given their personal strengths. Then, when it comes to having the final say on a specific aspect of the business, the person responsible for that division will get the final say. For example, if someone is in charge of managing employees, they might have final say over who you decide to hire.

Lack of Communication in the Name of Preserving Relationships

Another really common issue among business partners who are family or friends is a general lack of communication. Because this person has a relationship they’re trying to preserve outside of the business, they are less likely to talk about issues that need to be addressed, either because they don’t want to be the one who is complaining. Another similar issue that often comes up is one of the partners taking on a bigger workload rather than discussing their concerns because they think if they don’t do it, it won’t get done. In the name of preserving the relationship, a lot of things can go unresolved.

With Whom Can You Trust to Discuss Issues?

First of all, it can’t be another family member. They will have the same biases and likely make things worse, either by getting involved themselves or taking sides, even if that isn’t their intention. They are too close to the situation to be unbiased. So is someone like a best friend. They are close to you and likely going to have a hard time seeing both sides. A better option is someone like a coach. A third party who is committed to helping your business, not taking sides of an argument.

Share Your Cake and Your Cringe List

Sharing your cake and your cringe list sitting down with the members of your business, whoever they are, and have an open honest conversation about something we call your cake and your cringe list. You cake being the things you love doing most in the business and your cringe being the things you really dread. If you are honest and talk it through, you will find there are some things on your cake list that are on another person’s cringe list and vice versa. If you can divide the rolls by choosing things you both enjoy doing, chances of issues down the line go down significantly.

Final Takeaway: Honest communication in relationship based business partners can go a long way to preserve the relationship and keep you both happy both in business and outside of it.

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