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Episode 430

How to Work Successfully as Spouses in Business: Episode 430 : Mike Campion LIVE


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Episode 430 – How to Work Successfully as Spouses in Business

Today Nathalie is taking over the podcast to talk all about how to have a healthy personal life alongside a strong business. Mike and Nathalie have both witnessed times where people have let their business run their lives, and just how badly that can affect their personal lives and relationships. No one starts a company with the intention of it tearing apart your family, so why do people become okay with it after being in the business for awhile? It’s important that you always prioritize you and your loved ones time to the best of your ability.

One of the most important concepts and the one that we’re going to tackle first is communication and making sure that both you and your spouse have similar goals for your company. If you are both pulling your company in the direction that you want it to go, it will end up getting stuck going nowhere if you aren’t pulling the same direction. Outside of this, it will have a strong negative impact on your personal relationship with your significant other as well.

The next concept that we are going to tackle piggybacks’ off of the previous concept a little, but is important enough to warrant its own section. Another important concept once you have clear communication with your significant other is making sure that you understand both you and your spouse’s strengths and weaknesses and playing into them. For instance, with Mike and Nathalie, they have worked together long enough to realize that Nathile is more suited for handling the technological side of things, while Mike is better equipped to handle the business side of things. It takes time and patience to find and explore your partner’s strong and weak suits, but it is something that is definitely worth it.

To explain this next concept better, we are going to take a look at Nathalie’s dad, Bent. Bent had spent a majority of his life focusing and growing his company. He would take multiple month-long business trips, and when he was home he found it difficult to separate his work life from his personal life and while it did wonders for growing his business, it put a lot of strain on his relationships with his family. Unfortunately Bent passed away a few years ago, and on his deathbed, he ended up telling all his children that his biggest regret was not spending more quality time with them. At the end of the day, no matter how much money or success you have, you still can’t buy more time.

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A great way to help decipher between work and personal time is to set boundaries for business talk. For instance, Mike and Nathalie don’t discuss business before breakfast. Once breakfast hits they can talk about it all they want, but once six o’ clock rolls around they go back to being strictly a family. This includes things such as replying to emails or taking calls. It’s important to have your work and personal life separate.

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