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Episode 634

How to Use Facebook to Help You Hire for Your Cleaning Company: Episode 634


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Episode 632 – How to Use Facebook to Help You Hire for Your Cleaning Company

Hey Cleaning Nation! Today we have our ad genius, Jered, with us on the podcast all the way from South America. Our topic for the day is hiring. This isn’t a topic we usually talk about so we are super excited to bring our top tips and tricks to you today.

Common Issue

A common question we get a lot has to do with hiring. So how do we find good employees? A great tool for this is Facebook. Most of the time when it comes to client attraction, if you have more time than money, the best way to go is organic traffic. However, if you have more money than time, paid ads are the way to go.

More Time than Money

The best tip Jered recommends if you have more time than money, is to join Facebook groups that are around your area. From there you can post job listings in the groups to attract potential employees. In your job listing, it is important to include an application link or landing page to narrow the applicants down to people with your core values. It is also very important to be an active member in the group and add value. This way people get a sense of who you are and more people looking for jobs will reach out to you. Another tip Jered gives is that you will be much more successful by using your personal profile than using your business profile. The best part about doing this is it is free!

More Money than Time

If you have more money than time, the best route to go is Facebook ads. The way you do this is by using the Facebook Ads manager. Think of it like the back office of Facebook. When you go to your Facebook page there will be a button that says hiring and they can fill out an application right on Facebook! It will also re-direct them to your Facebook page so it is incredibly important to keep your Facebook page up to date and engaging. Another thing that will increase the amount of applications you get is to make your job posting unique and add in your core values. Adding in your core values will bring the right people to you. Jered’s third tip is to NEVER use a yearly budget. Always use a daily budget because Facebook will work much harder for you than if you use a yearly budget. If you feel like your Facebook is not working, review your landing page, application page, Facebook page, etc. More often than not this is the reason why your ad isn’t working. This type of advertising gives you the opportunity to learn so much about how to run your voluptatem” “Ut enim ad minima veniam, quis nostrum exercitationem”

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