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Episode 873

How to Uplevel Your Social Media: Episode 873


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Episode 873 – How to Uplevel Your Social Media: Episode 873

Today on the podcast, we have a special treat. Natalie, our social media specialist is here to chat with Lindsay about how you can uplevel your social media game. She has totally turned around our social media presence breathing life and creativity into it. Listen in to find out how you can do the same for yours without a lot of extra work. When you understand what works and what is worth the effort, you will be able to work smarter not harder in this respect. Don’t miss this episode!

People Turn to Social Media for Entertainment

Something that is really helpful to remember about social media is that people are going to those platforms for entertainment, not always information, unless it is engaging. Understanding your client or potential client’s pain is the best way to help them connect with you and be more likely to engage in the things you are posting. For example, if you are an mom who is active, you are going to respond to something like a seven day play challenge with your kids. If you are a mom who is burnt out, you are going to respond/feel more connected to a post or meme about loving your kids but also wanting to eat them sometimes. If you can use this tactic for your own business and your own clients, you will be able to take advantage of this in an amazing way.

How to Know if What You’re Doing is Working

Instagram is always a hard nut to crack, especially when they are constantly changing their algorithm. But what will always be true is that Instagram is going show things that people like. You never know what is going to go viral, but a good marker is to see what is trending and try to create something similar. It’s also important to post consistently so that people are seeing your content consistently. Not only that, but in order to be able to connect with people on a consistent level, you have to be in their feed.

How to Take People to Your Website On Social Media

Although Instagram doesn’t have an option to add a link in comments or captions, there is now a way to get around that. You can either post the link in your bio or, more recently, you can repost your post in a story and add a link there. Stories are a great way to post and get engagement because people tend to look at stories more than anywhere else. So adding a call to action there is a great way to get extra engagement. 

Final Takeaway: Consistency and creating content that connects with potential clients is key to a successful social media presence.

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