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Episode 848

How to Turn Your Desires Into Goals Part II: Episode 848


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Episode 848 – How to Turn Your Desires Into Goals Part II: Episode 848

On today’s podcast, we have part two of how to turn your desires into goals. Tracey goes a little deeper into this exercise as she asks people to ask themselves hard questions like what are they willing to do to accomplish this goal. Listening to the final part of this method will really connect the dots on how to successfully create a goal that helps to accomplish what was once a desire. You can use this for any part of your business or for your life.

Ask Yourself What Your Willing to Do to Make it Happen

In the workshop, Tracey asks the participants to write for another three minutes about what they are willing to do to make this goal happen. This is the part where you can start to get clear on whether this is just a fantasy or something you really want to see accomplished. If you do want to see it accomplished, you are going to have to ask yourself the hard questions about what it will mean to accomplish it. And what are you not willing to do?

What Are the Barriers

Tracey then asks participants to take another three minutes to write. This time, they are to write down what the barriers are to this desire/goal. What are the things they’ve let get in the way of it happening thus far? These barriers can be internal or external. These exercises are just free writing so the idea is to write really openly without asking a lot of questions. In this way, you will be more honest with yourself and better understand what is really going on inside your monkey mind. If you edit yourself, you won’t be able to reveal to yourself how the prosecutor inside your head is building their case.

Who Would You Become if You Accomplished this Goal?

Take another two minutes to give equal playing time to what would happen/how would you feel if you failed, and what would it look like if you are successful. Getting clarity on this can be really vulnerable and really get you to the bottom of what might be sabotaging your resolve. For example, Tracey realized through this exercise that if she were successful in helping her daughter create another life in Japan, she would have to get a life outside of her daughter. She would possibly be lonely. She would have to grow up as a mother and trust her daughter to do things on her own without Tracey there to hold her hand. By understanding those fear-based thoughts, she can work through them so they don’t start to sabotage what she’s trying to accomplish. It is powerful and important to understand that there are things you give up every time you bring something new and positive into your life. If you want to do art, you are going to have to give up the workhorse side of you and be ok to give time to a passion that matters to you. If you want to start a second business, you will have to give up your free time and maybe combat some insecurities about how you think you’re better than people because you have two businesses. 

Final Takeaway: Getting clear, step by step, can take away any barriers and self-sabotaging tendencies you might have when working to accomplish your goal. 

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