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Episode 847

How to Turn Your Desires Into Goals Part 1: Episode 847


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Episode 847 –How to Turn Your Desires Into Goals Part 1: Episode 847

Today on this two-part podcast, we have the privilege of listening in on a workshop that Tracey did with some of our members. She talks about how to re-evaluate our goals and use the power of setting goals to help us obtain our desires. Listen in as she goes through real-life scenarios with members to see how to use this great tool that isn’t usually thought of when we consider traditional goal setting. But it’s something from which we can all glean value.

An Example of Turning a Desire Into a Goal

Tracey decided to join in with this exercise to give an example of what kinds of desires you can turn into a goal. As she asked herself this question, she discovered something she wants to do that she hasn’t put into a specific goal yet. She has a daughter who wants to move to Japan, and she wants to help and support her in this endevor. But she has never turned this desire into a specific goal so it just stays a vague desire in the back of her mind. Like so many things, if we never put down what we want on paper and take steps on how to make it happen, it will always be just that-a desire that floats around in our brains.

How to Get More Clarity

Once we become aware of a desire that we have, like helping our daughter move to Japan, or only wanting to work 5 hours a week, we have to get clear on why that matters to us. How we would feel if we accomplished this goal? Why it would be awesome, what benefits we would get, etc. Tracey gives all participants three minutes to free write about the desire they have in mind and what benefits they would get from it so that they can become more aware of why it’s something worth fighting for. Tracey wrote about how she wants to be able to buy a small little house for her daughter in Japan so that she can fulfill a lifelong dream. But rather than making it all about how it would benefit her, she focused on how it would benefit her. She focused on the adventure it would bring into her life as well, on the fact that she loves a challenge. As she did this, she is able to get even more clear on why this is something that matter to her.

Writing to Getting Even More Clarity

Next, Tracey asked the participants to write for another three minutes, this time focusing on what would need to happen or be true for them to accomplish this goal. As they did this second exercise, they were able to gain even more understanding about how they could ground this desire and turn it from something vague into something more solid, For example, one of the participants knows she wants to start another business, but she doesn’t know what kind of business she wants to start. Through this exercise, she was able to get more clear on what she hopes to feel and gain out of starting a business, so can start to narrow down her options and make a well-thought-out decision that can then be broken down into goals. 

Final Takeaway: You can turn your vague desires into concrete goals as you get clear on what you really hope to get out of accomplishing those desires. 

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