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Episode 645

How to Turbo Charge Referrals for Your Cleaning Business: Episode 645


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Episode 645 – How to Turbocharge Referrals for Your Cleaning Business

Hey Cleaning Nation! Lindsay here with our lead mindset coach, Tracey Thompson! A little bit about me is that I am the Client Happiness Manager here at Grow My Cleaning Company. Today we are going to talk about how to turbo charge referrals for your company.

How to Create Referrals While Hiring

One of the top reasons people start a cleaning business is because they know people. That is great with getting you your first clients but eventually you will exhaust your warm market. So what now? The next step is to get referrals intentionally. As you know, when you get more referrals you will need to hire people to help you with those cleanings. This is how you can get referrals and hire at the same time.


Culture, culture, culture. If you have heard Mike speak before, you have likely heard him talk about culture. Your culture is built around your core values. Once you have your core values and are focused on hiring new employees based on your core values we can add a twist.

Referral Bonus

This idea is something I bet you have never seen. To combine referrals with hiring, create an add with bonus structure. This incentive allows you to not pay them more hourly, but allow them to grow their paycheck by growing your business. Now you are turning your workforce into a recruitment workforce. When your employees come into your business with a vested interest in the success and growth of your company, the community will thrive. Not only do you get better clients but your employees will stay longer. “You don’t get what you don’t ask for” is one of the most important things to integrate with this system. The more clear you are on your core values and the benefits you offer, the more your community will grow.

Partnering Up with Other Businesses

Another great way to get referrals is to partner up with other businesses. You can offer referrals for referrals. This is where your niche comes into play. The narrower your niche, the easier it is to partner with other companies. Mindset plays a key part in partnering with other companies. This is where the scarcity vs. abundance mindset comes into play. A scarcity mindset says “this company is going to take advantage of me”. Abundance mindset says “this partnership could really benefit my business”. If you are ever in doubt, do something good for someone else. This will put you in the abundance mindset and give you hope in your partnerships.

We have a very special announcement today! Mike is testing out a new app where you can text him directly! The number is 602-932-6431. He can’t wait to hear from you! 

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