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Episode 762

How to Trust in What You Already Know and Move Forward: Episode 762


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Episode 762 – How to Trust in What You Already Know and Move Forward

Hi Clean Nation! Welcome to the podcast! Today, Mike is talking to Matt Stowe of OctoClean. Matt started OctoClean-formerly known as Service Pros- with his parents and siblings in Riverside, CA. He took over after 3 generations of his family had run some form of a cleaning business. Currently, he and his brother run things for the most part, with his parents still having say. This is a unique cleaning business to have been around for so long, and Matt has implemented some amazing things into his business like franchise owners. Listen in as he and Mike talk about entering a new market and the best way to position yourself there.

At their Core, All Markets Are the Same

Matt is an experienced business owner with working systems and processes. The question he has for Mike is how to effectively enter a new market and find the right people for the job. He has worked in The Inland Empire in Riverside, CA for the past 30 years, and is moving his market into Pheonix, Az. He wants to know how to tap into a market that feels different than what he’s used to and hire really great people for his new team. What Mike points out is that people are people, so though there may be some relative differences between the two cities, most of that is relative when it comes to hiring. A better way to approach something like this is to be clear that, at the end of the day, people everywhere just want good service and to trust in your and your ability to bring them that. Location doesn’t dictate success, mindset does.

We Can’t Have All the Answers Before We Start

Matt starts to release and he and Mike chat, that he is caught up in the potentiality of this new market and is getting caught up in the details that will likely work themselves out as he starts to get comfortable in this new market. Rather than focusing on the differences, even between living expenses between the two places, he realizes it makes sense to just decide he is going to do things the same (like paying the same wages in Arizona he is in California) and hope that it will attract the kind of people he’s looking for rather than stressing over the exact right wage for the cost of living.

Focus More on What You and Trying to Grow Than Hourly Pay

Matt is trying to decide what makes the most sense payment-wise, but the truth is, whether you pay a dollar or two more an hour is going to be less important than the culture you create in your company. If people feel valued and like they are able to add value, that is going to go way farther than a few more dollars at the end of the month doing a job that they hate.

Final Takeaway: Don’t get caught up on little details, trust in your process, your positive intentions, and that the right people are out there to create the business you want to create.

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